Monday, July 7, 2014

Xmas in July, Day 7: Easy Writer

Maybe making labels doesn't sound all that exciting to you, but to me #7 Easy Writer novelty label maker (which seems a bit inspired by W. Campbell's Weird-Ohs) looks like a blast! If you need me, I'll be vroom vroomin' off xmas labels all day in my office! (Sears Xmas Wish Book, 1976)


Mr. Cavin said...

You know, I never had one of these fancy toy label-makers, but I did have the normal kind--drab green metal with a white plastic letter wheel, which punched white letters into black plastic peel-n-stick rolls of tape just like this one. Man, I loved that thing. I begged and begged for it. It was like having the power to make something myself that looked store-bought. I didn't go around putting my name on all my things, either. I wrote long, one-line stories and secret agent codes and S.O.S. messages. I made cardboard magazines. If I had one of these now, I would stick waterproof dirty jokes and emoticons all over the whole world.

Craftypants Carol said...

i had no idea they made a label maker that would make me want to make labels even more than i already do!!!!!!!

like mr. c i have always been obsessed with making labels. i made the proper labels on things that didnt really need labeling, but then, esp when labelmakers got all super computerized and advanced and had icons that you could include, i ran around putting snowmen and fire icons on everything. and yeah i was an adult.

but man if i had had one of these cool-ass label makers i would have never put that thing down.

JMR777 said...

Now there is an idea- buy a label maker and accessorize it by adding a dog/cat/monster head or whatever to it and make it a personalized personalizer.

If they can sell dozens of different types of smartphone cases why can't someone make a cover or body for a label maker? With 3-D printers coming down in price, creating a customized body for your label maker might be a DYI project in the near future.

Footnote: on a whim I looked up 3D printer, Halloween on the web and saw some creative stuff made by fans and friends (fiends?) of All Hallows. It is amazing what one can do with the right tools and imagination.

Mr. Karswell said...

I remember making a mix tape for a girl once and I recycled the jcard which was already completely covered in writing, so I used a label maker to crank out the band names and song titles. It was pretty cool lookin when I was done so I kept it, ha