Friday, April 24, 2015

There Were Three Ghostesses

Have you gotten fingered over at THOIA yet this week? If not, click HERE to get in on that action-- cuz today here at AEET we're greasing down our fistesses right up to our wristesses as we begin winding down the Halloween in April festesses! This is a cute, but very odd little English nursery rhyme that I somehow actually vaguely remember hearing somewhere as a creepy lil kid. No one has ever taken credit for penning it, though the art is by Kelly Oechsli, and comes from Bill Martin, Jr.'s "Sounds Around the Clock" collection from 1966. I'll have more from this book next month too as it's full of great artwork and super fun stories :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bugs Bunny Halloween Hulla-Boo-Loo!

Fun activity pages from Gold Key's Golden Comics Digest: Bugs Bunny Halloween Hulla-Boo-Loo #26 from November 1972. Games, puzzles, jokes, and a few very "off model" illustrations to laugh and shake your head at, these digest sized comic collections were always a blast to get when I was a kid-- and over 150 pages for only 50 cents, you were definitely getting your money's worth!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Delicious Black Humor by Charles Rodrigues

If you're a fan of Charles Addams, Ronald Searle, Gahan Wilson and so on, but unaware of the black humor brilliance of Charles Rodrigues, then today is your day. These 22 gags from over half a century ago originally appeared in the pages of men's magazines like Stag, Male, Men, For Men Only, and Rogue, but our scans here at AEET today are taken from the Fawcett Gold Medal Book "Spitting on the Sheriff and Other Diversions", from 1966. It's an awesome collection of his best stuff, and per our Halloween in April festivities I focused on the laughs featuring darker, deadlier subject material like funerals, murder, torture, graveyards etc... enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Monster Blood

While I finish work on a bigger AEET post (coming this weekend hopefully!) here's a neat little mail order monster ad from a 70's Marvel comic. It's not enough to just get some disappearing blood to fool your friends and family with, but you get FREE fangs to go with it too-- yay!! Does anyone know anything about Salt Lake City's Prof. Prank's Lab? A quick search online didn't produce a single result, but surely they had other cool junk like this as well. Man, I love the way the Prof is illustrated-- and would've bought tons of stuff from him just because so!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Munsters Latex Squeak Toys

Some of you already saw these when I first posted them on Facebook a few months back, but I thought I'd share them with everyone since The Munsters, (being monsters), fall into our horror filled month of Halloween in April! These are from Spain --check the header card scans at the end of the post, and made of latex rubber. They are very soft and they squeak just like a pet toy when you squish them, (maybe these actually are for animals, who knows?) I photographed them from every angle, because as you will see, they are hilarious from every angle. Licensed by Warner Brothers too, in case anyone is wondering why the Hell there are Looney Tunes characters on the header card. A super fun toy set from the 60's, and wonderfully "off model", these spring up on eBay occasionally so keep your eyes peeled, --you know you can't live without them once you know about 'em!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Jack and Jill (October 1971) PART TWO

Okay, the scanner was simply unplugged (sumtimez I iz rill dumm) --anyway, here's the second half of the October 1971 issue of Jack and Jill Magazine, see our last post for the other ghostly goodies by clicking HERE! In this half we have actual full spooky stories, more games, masks, and LOTS of super cute illustrations of black cats, witches, kids in costumes, etc! Hope everyone is enjoying Halloween in April-- sometimes holidays are too far away for my liking!