Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween is Coming...

Welcome to AEET's first journey into the spooktacular month of October, our destination-- Halloween! We're getting a jump on the jitters on this crisp October Eve, and heads off-- I mean "heads up", there's a full month of creepy crawly things and frightening fun lined up too so I hope you'll come back often. We kick it all off a bit gently with some highlights from the October 1973 issue of Jack and Jill kid's magazine. This issue in particular has stayed with me since my childhood, I absolutely love the painted illustrations (and cover) for the main Baba Yaga tale, and there's lots of other cool and creative things to do too, like make a Spookie Shack, or a Pumpkin Man! We're just getting started fiends, stay tuned for more ghosts 'n ghouls and other assorted bumps in the night! AIEEEE!

(NOTE: "The Special Witch" scan is from the Oct. '54 issue of Children's Digest.)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

McCartney Girls and Gags

Some earlier Ward "good girl" art that I have from the July 1956 and March 1957 issues of TV Girls and Gags. If you enjoyed my Wenzel Girls post from last week, then you're gonna love this!

(*Bill Ward sometimes signed his work "McCartney".)

Friday, September 24, 2010


FANTASTIC FELIX FRIDAY is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking internet event where eight bloggers of historical comic material join forces in support of "Felix: The Great Comic Book Tails" (IDW/Yoe! Books), a beautiful hardback, full color, art book that lovingly collects the best of brilliant Felix the Cat comic book stories from the 1940s and 50s. In an enthusiastic, united effort, classic Felix comic stories will be posted on each blog today, Friday September 24th (more details listed below after the story.) Some of the "tails" seen on the blogs are from the new book, and some are from the bloggers personal collections of comics featuring Felix. Today's wonderful AEET post comes directly from the awesome book itself:

As mentioned above, each blogger is linking to the other participating blogs, creating a Felix Maelstrom of Mirth throughout the blog-o-sphere! The other participating blogs are as follows:

Craig Yoe edited this amazing book, which is jam-packed with rare Felix art, ephemera, animation insights, and, of course, a plethora of comic book stories by Otto Messmer, Joe Oriolo, and Jim Tyer. And Don Oriolo, the son of Joe Oriolo, and head of Felix the Cat Productions, wrote the heartfelt introduction!

Click HERE to get your copy NOW!

Craig Yoe is an Eisner-winning, Harvey-nominated writer, cartoonist that Vice magazine called "The Indiana Jones of comics historians." Other Yoe! Books include: "Dick Briefer's Frankenstein," "Barney Google: Gambling, Horse Racing, and High-Toned Women," "Dan DeCarlos' Jetta," "The Art of Ditko," "The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics," "The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story," "George Herriman's Krazy & Ignatz in Tiger Tea," "Popeye: The Great Comic Book Tales by Bud Sagendorf," and "The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Story."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Signs of St. Louis (Part Two)

Back in July I featured a post (here) on some of my favorite signs around St. Louis, and today I have a few more. Some of these fall outside the actual jurisdiction of STL city, some being as near as Jefferson County, and in the case of Carl's Supermarket and the Old Time Photos "Mad Muffler Man" as far away as Lake of the Ozarks. I was lucky to get the Phil's Bar-B-Q sign photo when I did, as apparently something has happened to it and it's been replaced with a far less interesting sign.

(all photos by Karswell)

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wenzel Girls

ADULTS ONLY! To some of us Bill Wenzel needs little introduction, he is in fact the glorious inventor of The Wenzel Girls. His luscious ladies have graced the covers and pages of best-selling adult books as well as some of the most popular "men's magazines" since WWII. In today's post we find him supplying more lovely lasses to best-selling author and K-TEL International fave Kermit Schafer, for his 70's CB spoof dictionary "Citizen's Bloopers - Hilarious Citizen's Band Daffynitions" (Avenel / 1977.) It's funny if you're a trucker, I guess. It's definitely sexy if you love gorgeously illustrated Wenzel women. Enjoy this small sampling of some of Bill's best 'n bustiest babes in naughty action!