Saturday, December 30, 2017


Ending 2017 with some KING KONG related fun 'n games from the always great SUPER MAG mini kid's magazine, Vol. 1 #2 published in 1976, the same year the not so great big budget Dino DiLaurentis remake was unleashed upon the world.

Hope everyone had a great year, we'll be back in 2018 with lots more... see ya!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

CARTOONIST: Irving "Roir" Roth

I don't know much about Irving Roth other than he had 3 brothers who were all popular cartoonists at the same exact time as well-- but boy oh boy do I ever love his stuff! It's loose and funny and looks like nobody else. This is another small sampling selection from the Merry-Go-Round Pictorial Review of the Year book published in 1947 (see my last post for more details.)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

CARTOONISTS: Roy Nelson & Colin Allen

Found a super duper hardcover book collection recently called MERRY-GO-ROUND: Pictorial Review of the Year, with contents originating from Pictorial Review, as featured in 1940's Sunday Magazines syndicated all over the USA. A sort of "best of" of stories about life, love, and career, with hilariously fascinating male fabrications concerning all sort of "facts" on friends and family, as well as touchy subjects ranging from why women shouldn't wear slacks, to how much more intelligent men are than the opposite sex. Ummm, ok... did I mention this was published in 1947? Each chapter is illustrated by a variety of exceptionally competent cartoonists like D. B. Holcomb, John Buckley, Michael Berry, Irving Roir, etc... (I'll be featuring a few of these in our next post as well) and two of the best, in my humble opinion, and thankfully with the largest assortment of brilliant examples in said book, are Roy Nelson and Colin Allen. Incredibly fun stuff. See you in a few days for more!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Creepshow Concession Cup + A New Wallet!

Early xmas presents, aka My American Horror Life Collection continues with the awesome addition of a rare theatre concession stand Creepshow paper cup from 1982, (how many of you even knew this thing existed?!), plus a brand spankin' new double-sided wallet featuring The Tall Man from Phantasm on one side, and a They Live alien on the other-- courtesy of Mani-Yack Monster Design! Check 'em out on Facebook HERE for all of their super cool, retro style monster merch!

"I... Want... My... Cup..."