Sunday, November 26, 2023

Talking Toilet

Who could ever forget the classic Twilight Zone episode starring Telly Savalas about the malicious talking toilet that makes spooky, murderous threats of death upon his life? "I'm talking toilet, and I'm going to kill you..." and my favorite bit, "I'm going to wipe you out!" What an eerie episode! And here's the great novelty gag version of it from 1971 to redden your face and make you run screaming from the bathroom, as it hurls macabre threats against you and your dirty, doomed derriere! The fun artwork on the box really sells the prank too. No more party poopers.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The 1st Annual Boris Karloff & Mr. Karswell Thanksgiving Feastival of Fear Collection

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, so I guess this year I'm doing a thing here, maybe it'll catch on, or maybe it'll be one of the million things I start and never do again, --we'll just have to see what happens next November. Anyway, so what's everyone out there in bloggerland thankful for this year? Me... I guess I'm thankful that a few of you still bother to come around here and read my ramblings and look at all the goofy shit I'm into, so a great big THANKS to you, You, and YOU! You guys 'n gals know exactly who you are because you're the only ones leaving comments, (and not just stealing my scans and posting them on tumblr without crediting me.) And ok, since I've been having a fun Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery run over at THOIA for the last week, I thought I'd do it over here as well, with not just one, two, three, or four spooky stories-- BUT FIVE-- you know, anthology horror movie style! Pretend that Mr. Karswell has invaded Amicus Studios for a minute and provided the dusk to dawn line-up. I've even collected them with a "deadly dames" theme running through each tale as well, making a hearty attempt at finding a good variety mix of womanly weirdness. I hope you enjoy them all as much as Boris and I enjoy bringing them to you. And everyone have a safe and delicious turkey day tomorrow too! See you all in a lil bit...

Stories from Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #4, #28, #33, #41, and #60.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Kickapoo Joy Juice Glass

This isn't the first time I've posted about Kickapoo Joy Juice (CLICK HERE), but it's definitely the first time I've ever stumbled upon one of their lovely Li'L Abner related collector glasses from the 70's. It's in pristine condition too, Daisy Mae looks as dynamite as ever, while Abner looks just as delightfully dopey as kin be. I double-doubt this thing has ever seen the inside of a dishwasher...

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Stick 'em Up!

Here's some fun cowgirl packaging for a case of Liquid Nails by Macco from the 70's... and yes, this is the exact thing I'm looking for first and most importantly when in need of a resilient, waterproof adhesive bond. I could also swear there was an old commercial featuring this cute lady unholstering her stix and squirting some studs (and other surfaces), --but I'll be damned if I can find it online anywhere now! (Second image courtesy of eBay.)

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Arthur Cook's DIXIES Ice Cream

If you like old movies and ice cream then this is the post for you! Ice cream cup lids featuring your favorite stars of 40's films was certainly a great way to sell some frozen treats and promote current films back in the day --especially when it's four of the most glamorous gals to ever grace the silver screen! I'm not exactly sure how many different movie star lids there were in all to collect, but there seems to have been a LOT-- I do know that Arthur Cook's "All Cream" Ice Cream was made down in Hot Springs, Arkansas! You could even save up 12 lids and mail 'em in for enlarged star photos.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Peace on Barrel

These kitchy, novelty water squirters from the 60's or 70's are fun little gag gifts from our groovy past. I've posted a few of them here at AEET before, HERE and HERE! This one though is a bit more psychedelic than our previous entries, highlighted by fab box art featuring some rock 'n roll hippies drinkin' too much beer, and thusly having to relieve themselves --on (a) barrel! Yep, you can peace on a barrel all you want, --but please refrain from poocing on it!