Thursday, June 29, 2023

Reflect Some More

If you weren't quite reflective enough in our last post and need some additional hand-held assistance, might I recommend this lovely 60's mod girl mirror. Comprised of some kind of hand painted paper mâché / textured composite material over a sturdy wood interior, her pale flesh really makes those ruby lips and rosy cheeks pop, while her long braided black hair, complete with gold bows, intertwines to create the handle. And though she might be on the opposite side of the mirror itself, doth she not seem quite reflective upon something as well?

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


Two very old postcards I found recently with a clever, mirror reverse theme. Please take a moment to pause at your own mirror and reflect upon what they are attempting to convey. Thank you.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Roaring Metal Tiger Head

If you remember my Curse of the Inkwell post a few months back HERE, then maybe you recognize the snarling face in the images below. And while we never really quite figured out what the creature was in that March post (wolf, lion, demon, whatwhatwhat?), we can all be quite sure that this time I've got a very old, turn of the century tiger on my hands! The other big difference between the two is while this is absolutely made of the same heavy duty, cold painted metal as 'ol whats'it, it is certainly no jaw-hinged inkwell. Instead we have a simple wall hanger, complete with an opening in the top of the head to hold matches, or possibly even a candle. (There's a hole in the mouth as well, but I have no idea what it's for.) A very neat $6 find, made even neater when googling for more info, only to find another one on Etsy currently listed at $250! Said listing (see last image below) also shows how nice the trophy head looks actually mounted on a wall.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Waste Basket Boutique

If you enjoyed the cute kitten fashion mascot of our last post, get ready for the sugary sweet, heart melting powerhouse that is a 1960's paint your own, Waste Basket Boutique, paper children's dress from Mars of Asheville! More fantastic packaging illustration and very groovy hand lettering, this was another un-used find I discovered buried under a mound of magazines at a dingy old antique mall last week. Disposable dress fashion was quite popular during this era, and these things have become quite collectable, --there's even a wonderful exhibit about them currently going on in NYC, info HERE. So what would you paint on the dress if it was yours as a fun lovin' little kid? And before anyone asks, yes, you all know that I'd put it on and model it for you guys, but I'm no longer a size 10-12... wah!

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Darlene of Mazet by Milliken

The brand name may have been a mouthful, but this insanely cute kitten mascot button packaging could and would most certainly sway me to their fully-fashioned sweaters and knitwear accessories with very little effort back in the day. I also found a super adorable ad online to show you just how devoted to the cat theme this company was. Apparently Milliken has been around since 1865, and you can find out more about them currently by CLICKING HERE!

Friday, June 16, 2023

Honey Playing Cards *ADULTS ONLY!*

Unearthed a bevy of vintage playing card beauties this week from an old deck of Honey. 54 glorious nudes in glowing color, the cards are even mentioned as being "plastic coated and completely washable" (I don't wanna know what you'd need to be washing off of these.) We've got cooks 'n musicians, swimmers 'n swingers, a bodacious bicyclist, one gal brandishin' a gun--we even have the same lady featured twice for some reason, etc! Of course the grand highlight of this set is that awesome spade shaped, die-cut window on the box, not to mention ultra lovely English actress and pin-up legend, June Palmer featured on the other side.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Chuck Wagon Squeaker '75

If you're as old as me and remember the classic Chuck Wagon dog food commercials from the 70's (see 'em HERE!), then maybe you'll also be as surprised as me to discover that in 1975, Ralston Purina actually made a rubber squeak toy of the little prairie schooner, complete with a bushy mustached driver and two gallopin' horses kickin' up a load of dust! Yep, I had no idea that this thing ever even existed until now (hey, I can't know about everything!) --and boy, isn't it a beaut! Still squeaks loud as all get out too!

Friday, June 2, 2023

Sexy Ceramics

Well, the art isn't very sexy but the intention is still there. I mean, it's all more silly than anything else, and unlike most single panel gag cartoons of this type, the four examples presented here today are not from a dirty old men's magazine, but instead, flimsily painted upon ceramic plates. So have yourself some lunch and a titillating chuckle or two. And keep your dang elbows off the table!