Thursday, January 26, 2023

Enter the Esco Distinctive Embalming Fluid Bottle

Things turned kinda caskety around here this month, so let's now inject AEET with something a little more preservingly juicy via this vintage 16 ounce Esco Distinctive Embalming Fluid bottle that I picked up the other day. Online sources say the equally distinctive, square, art deco designed glass container actually dates anywhere from the 1930's through the 50's, and after spending nearly a half hour cleaning the thing, (which initially looked like it had accidentally been buried 6 feet under with a cadaverous client for nearly a century), I'm definitely leaning more towards the oldest date possible. In an ironic turn of events, the embossed numbers and lettering, not to mention the ominously lovely stone and leaf work on all sides, now pops a bit more "alive" than it did at the antique store, thanks to the wonders of Goo-Gone and warm water.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Girl from Mutoscope

One of the better Photomatic Mutoscopes I’ve found over the years, usually the lighting or photo development is bad, (or it’s a man), so for a pre-war, 30’s vending booth machine process that actually somehow mechanically frames it on the spot for you too, this one’s a real gem. If anyone recognizes this as their grandma, please drop me a line...

More interesting info about it all HERE!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Return of the Casket Cuties

I'm feeling like I haven't posted enough about tiny caskets this month (click HERE if you missed it), so here we go with another morbidly macabre mini, which is in fact not a casket at all, but instead a blue satin lined, hinged jewelry box atop a junked, mirrored ex-wall clock. No way could I possibly pass this thing up when I first saw it, no matter how disgustingly dirty and reeking of the grave it is, covered in a century of grit 'n grime, spider webs, moldy and awful to the touch-- because clearly it was originally intended for all eternity to be stored inside a decrepit, time-rotted crypt somewhere --until I unearthed it! Yes, poor condition over all, but thankfully this only lends a much more sinisterly sick, and fully accurate appearance, especially once I added my undead Graf Orlok, aka Nosferatu "Silent Screamers" action figure (Aztech Toys, 2000) to the scene. Flip the clock on its side, prop the jewelry box lid open a bit, add monster, and presto-- instant casket carnage! Doesn't it just look perfectly horrible? Also, any true blooded 60's / 70's monster kid, like myself, who grew up on Munsters re-runs will tell you that a casket propped up on its end can also translate into only one other thing-- a telephone booth! So, digging out my Lily Munster Select action figure (2012), I did two-- two-- two photo sessions in one! Isn't she stunning? Now of course, we all know that a mini Mr. Barlow emerging from within this thing is actually the most terrifyin' way to go. Unfortunately, my life-sized version (as seen HERE) just wouldn't fit. And hey, while we're on the subject-- get my new VAMPIRES comic still available HERE and in stores everywhere!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Perils of Pearl Pureheart

Speaking of Mighty Mouse (see previous post HERE), let's check in on everyone's favorite flying hero rodent as once again his evil nemesis, Oil Can Harry, has captured MM's pretty best gal, Pearl Pureheart, for his nefarious, deadly pleasure! Destruction of the innocent-- indeed! From the December 1950 issue of Mighty Mouse #21.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Here I Come--

--to save the daaay! I've been looking for one of these 1950's Terrytoon soft vinyl squeeze Mighty Mouse toys for a long time, and today was my lucky day! He has a few worn spots on his head, but his cape seems to be in excellent condition, --the only real downside is that he's supposed to make a noise when you squeeze him and this one clearly doesn't no matter how hard I crush his widdle chest! Ah well...

Monday, January 9, 2023

Casket Cutie

Some of you might remember this 1920's Biskeloid half doll, aka boudoir doll, that I posted about a while back, and after looking at her sadly sitting in a box by my desk for way too long I finally decided to do something productive with her. So along with a bunch of other antique things from her time era that I'm always buying for no other reason than to just fill a box with neat stuff, ie: deco brooches, pins, jewelry, limoges, artificial floral, strips of lace, and other pieces of various vintage fabric, I laid everything out to see what I had, and most importantly, what could/would actually work with the doll. And in doing so, I suddenly realized that I had created a miniature funeral wake right here in my office-- which then led to a new idea in my horrible brain (I am Mr. Karswell, after all) --the addition of an antique tea tin box resembling an old time casket. As you scroll through the photos below, you will note that yes, she's actually a hair or two too big for the box, but seriously, once I had placed her inside and started wrapping the bits of cloth around her to mimic a dress (yes, her dress is just a doily and strips of lace), there was no way I was turning back now! 

So friends, let us now bow our heads and say a few silent words to our dearly departed loved one as she shuffles off this mortal coil, into the great unknown...