Friday, February 28, 2014

Talk About Sharp!

Earlier this month I posted about a girl and her refrigerator that featured neato images of a fridge literally come to life-- click HERE if you missed it! Today I have some scans from a mid century Cutco Cutlery and Carving Guide containing illustrations which to me appear to be from possibly the same uncredited artist-- but this time with a much sharper focus on knives doing what knives should and should NOT do! It's a fun style, and really livens up this wonderfully designed booklet.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookery Comes to Town!

This is a fun little mid century (or earlier) Baker's Chocolate booklet featuring cute illustrations and tasty recipes for livening up those desserts with the single greatest invention in the history of sweets-- the chocolate chip! Cookies, cakes, pudding, and more-- boyoboy get cookin'!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hansel and Gretel Get Well

An AEET first! Guest blogger Pappy (from Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine) sends in some super scans of a neat old get well card he found recently. Says Pap: "It's from 1950, and I'm not sure why the story of H&G fits into the get well category, but it's kind of cute. It glosses over why H&G were in the woods (father hoping someone would find them and adopt them, rather than hope they get killed by wolves), but it doesn't change the fact that the old lady is a cannibal and Gretel pushes her into an oven to kill her by fire. There isn't much a storyteller could do to soften that aspect of the story." Haha, indeed-- and thanks for sharing! Be sure to check out all of Pappy's great posts over at the FIRST and ORIGINAL golden age comics blog by clicking HERE!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No and Yes

In our last post we saw a girl who loved refrigerators, now in today's post we see an even younger girl on the downward sliding path to serpent obsession. She has to be told "NO!" quite a bit along the way by her elders, (as well as some unfortunate trips to Sunday school), but someday those dreams of big 'ol mesmerizing snakes will be fulfilled! To quote Dr. Julian Karswell, "...snakes and ladders. An English game. You see, if you land at the foot of the ladder you climb all the way to the top. But if you land on the head of the snake, you slide all the way down again. Funny thing, I always preferred sliding down the snakes to climbing up the ladders." I have a feeling someone else thinks this way too ;) This is a cute little story from 1962, published exclusively for the use of church folk, with fabulously cute artwork by Robert E. Barry!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Girl and Her Refrigerator

Super illustrations highlight this booklet from GM Corp Frigidaire Division's "101 Refrigerator Helps" published in 1941. No artistic credit is given, and I'm sure someone will look at these images and think they're "creepy" or whatever, but I think they're incredibly cute and fun-- yes, this sassy young lass and her beefcake fridge know how to get it done-- whether it's the simple use of the refrigerator, or the care of it, or dancing for it!! Everything you could ever want to know about food and refrigerator's is covered here on all 32 wonderful pages. There's a lot of detail given into these drawings, all of which gets a bit lost in the actual size they're reproduced in this booklet. And that's why once again I've given the scans the x300 treatment, so enjoy! And seriously, don't knock an inanimate object (or food) just because it has a face on it. Or because it has arms. And legs. And a... ??!!