Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Yooooou Whooooo

Another terrific 1960's, Buzza Cardozo Halloween greeting card that I have recently added to my out-of-control collection, --and this one is highlighted by a fun fold-out cape and seriously adorable, double sided artwork. Ain't she cute? Also, all areas in black are flocked 'n fuzzy!

It folds open one more time and the inner text reads:
"Here comes Winnie the Witch in her Halloween hat, on the brim sits an owl, just imagine that! With a jack-o-lantern to light the way, she's heading for your house, with this to say-- BOOOOOO! Happy Halloween!"

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jack in the Box Haunted House Premium (1971)

Time for another holy grail post of something that I recently acquired, --and here it is-- just in time for Halloween! The Jack in the Box Haunted House from 1971 is a fun paper premium featuring a very spooky house with perforated windows that open. You also punch-out the separate character strips containing an assortment of awesomely illustrated ghosts and ghouls (and early 70's Jack in the Box mascots) and feed the strips through the slots on either side of the house; you then line the characters up and see them experiencing fun and terror inside through the window openings (see my close-up photos below.) A simple concept that is simply marvelous fun, even to this day... something fast food chains seem to have completely forgotten about over the years.

Anyone know the name of the artist behind this fab premium? Let me know!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Found this fun werewolf die-cut halloween decoration the other day, but not finding any information online about it, unfortunately. It's printed on your typical thick stock, double sided (image is duplicated on back), and aside from a little tape on the top and bottom, it's in pretty good condition.

Hey, who hung a noose in the cemetery??!!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Jack and Jill (October 1965)

It just wouldn't be October here at AEET without some Halloween fun from the greatest kid magazine of all time-- Jack and Jill! And lucky for you guys I found about a half dozen issues that'll make this festive holiday of fright even more memorable this year! Stories, games, poems, puzzles, and other neato projects await-- and of course all presented with the beautiful artwork courtesy of some of J&J's very own illustrative bullpen of incredible all-star professionals! And stick around all this month for a couple more 60's (and 70's) Jack and Jill posts too!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Beistle's Flaming Skull (1973)

Is there a cooler halloween decoration than Beistle's Flaming Skull from 1973? I found one a few weeks ago at an antique mall and immediately hung that sizzlin' spook on my office wall. Having been a life-long fan of Ghost Rider, skulls, and anything 70's halloween-- this addition to my collection was a no-brainer-- literally! (There's no brain inside!)

It wasn't but a few, coincidentally odd days later, that I was surfing around online and noticed that Mortar Heads had actually made a hellacious halloween mask out of this legend:

So yeah, maybe there actually is something cooler than the halloween decoration-- the halloween mask version! For more about the mask and Mortar Heads, CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


From the terror team that curdled your blood with Haunted Horror, Zombies, Return of the Zombies, Haunted Love, Swamp Monsters, and Mummies, Ghosts is the latest and ghastly greatest in the Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror comics collections. Edited by Mr. Karswell, aka Steve Banes, plus an eerie introduction by comic writer / fan favorite, jolting John Rozum! Over 128 pages of appalling apparitions, formidable phantoms, shuddery seances, shivery spooks 'n specters, and evil wraiths with much more than just revenge on their murdered minds! Just in time for Halloween too! CLICK HERE for more information, and go to Amazon to order your copy NOW! 

And CLICK HERE to head over to THE HORRORS OF IT ALL to read a FULL STORY PREVIEW from the collection-- in the meantime, AEET has a spooky kooky story that didn't quite make the collection, but is tons of fun none the less!

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Wolfman Mug Meets The Monsters Mystery Minis

Never ignore bargain barrel resale thrift stores during October! Yes, this weekend proved to be quite a treasure trove of finds for me, in particular this ceramic The Wolfman mug, made in Japan by Erneli in 1981, and sold at Universal Studios theme parks. I've learned that there were also prototype mugs created for Dracula and The Bride of Frankenstein, but only a Frankenstein's Monster mug was actually produced along with the werewolf. 

Now to find 'ol Frankie!


And speaking of Universal monsters, I loathe those hideously popular Funko figures, but these new Monsters Mystery Minis are loads fun. They come blind boxed and are a bit pricey, but when you actually get the ones you want it makes for great collecting. You know what? I want them ALL!! I love that they are black and white too, although there is another version of them in fright-full color. I found mine at Walgreens, but I'm sure you can get these at most comic shops, as well as places like Hot Topic and V Stock etc. Anyway, below are the ones I lucked out with so far: Frankie and the Bride, Dracula, Creech, and the rare 1/36 Mole Man (I included the box stats on chances to win too.) Good luck-- and happy monster hunting!