Thursday, September 16, 2021

Skeleton Stuff

Like the evil, shambling dead, Halloween is slowly approaching. And nothing says "chilled to the bone" quite like an animated pile of bared bleached bones, taking frightful living form, (as well as taking over a blog post), and then heading in your shivering, screaming direction! Annnnd here they come, from cute, vintage Halloween decor and candle, to monstrous mask and peeping cheapo, dime store goodness, --all terrific things I've found over the last few weeks. And special props to my son for his perfectly petrifyin' poses in the mask!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Night of the Demon

The October 1974 issue of Midnight Tales #9 from Charlton comics contains a wonderfully cute 'n spooky Cuti / Sutton tale about a little girls interest in demonic witchcraft. I was saving this one for next month, but since I kind of jip'd you on Friday Frights last week, I thought I'd just go ahead and toss it up today because getting into the scary spirit of things is also half the fun --even when Halloween is still a month and a half away! You also may have noticed that the title borrows from one of the greatest demon summoning horror films ever made, Jacques Tourneur's 1957 classic, Night of the Demon, which is of course also based on the M.R. James literary spectacular, Casting the Runes, about a certain guy with a similar name to a certain horror host that many of you might be all too frighteningly familiar with. I've rounded out our post with another glimpse at a much more attractive horror host, this time Charlton's very own Midnight Tales hostess, Arachne, (an image that I pieced together from a two-page centerfold lay-out.) Enjoy!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

For Those Who Do Very Little Fishing

Scored myself another funny little vintage Grandmother Stover's starter pack (to put it in meme terms) --and it's full of all things tiny 'n related to fishing! No disgusting old pork frog hunks this time though, just mini plastic versions of 2 fish (white fish and red snapper), a fishing pole, a pink flashlight, can o'worms, fishing license, and some essential "how to" reading material. Everything you need to land a big one! Plus, like my other Grandmother Stover set HERE --we get another gem of an illustration on the backing card! Say, he doesn't look very happy about the size of his current catch. Crack open that "how to" guide and try try again, my friend!

Friday, September 10, 2021


I had a rather busy week so todays Friday Frights Vampire Edition is a bit short, but ever so sweet, --a one page quickie from the October 1975 issue of Beyond the Grave #2. I'll make up for it midweek with something non-batty, and extra gruesome for you other pain in the necks *wink!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

More Mannequin Madness

I did a super fun trade this week and acquired some cute vintage kiddie Halloween costumes (a tiger and Zorro!), as well as two stunning vintage mannequin display heads. The first is a Fashion Tress, Inc. beauty from the 1960's, with gorgeously painted eyes and real eyelashes. Wanting to get a better idea of what she would / could look like without her bald head throwing everything outta whack, I put the tiger costume cap on her and voila! --she instantly became the awesome, vintage Tigra cigarette girl! And yes, I do believe this is the way she's probably going to look for as long as she's in my possession. The other mannequin head is apparently from the early 80's and has painted eyes and real eye lashes as well. The bottom of the base says Garland L.A. and she was made in Korea. She will either get a nice looking wig or something similarly kitschy cool as the tiger cap, (I'm still trying to figure her out.) So in the meantime, the fabulous Fashion Tress girl gets todays perfect post spotlight! Everyone, please say hello to Tigra!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

How to be a Swinger

As with most of these sexy 70's novelty gag gift boxes, the lid art design will almost always steer your mature minds into a rather immature direction, one that is most definitely not represented once you actually open the box. In this case, being a "swinger" means something a bit darker, though no less funny, despite what is actually happening on the lid. Made by Franco "Swing!" American Novelty Co. in 1973, and hello, there's that funny little monkey and rabbit in the hat mascot from a few gag gift posts ago too! Some really great cartoon art all around, --and a huge thank you to my cohort in kitsch for the awesome present as well! XXX

Friday, September 3, 2021

He Wished He Was a Vampire / My Brother Talks to Bats!

Kickin' off this September 2021 month with a Drac'd-out double header of blood suckin' shenanigans, and both stories are from two heavy hittin' Atlas legends-- mean Gene Colan and joltin' Joe Maneely! And oddly enough, both stories are from the same June 1952 issue of Strange Tales #7. Plus the new Asylum Press ad for my VAMPIRES #1 comic one-shot, flappin' its weirdo wings in your doomed directions this October, --more on that as we get closer to the release date! Happy Friday Frights too!