Friday, November 26, 2021

The End of the World Meets The Moon Monster

Those of you that grew up reading silver age comics are sure to remember the classic "Moon Monster" mail order ad. This giant, life-size, 6 foot tall space creature (that sort of resembled a sci-fi version of the conjured fire beast from Night of the Demon 1957) was in actuality a poster, and yours absolutely FREE by joining the Monster Fan Club for only a buck. You also received 3 cool masks and some other neato stuff, but yeah, that hairy, horny, warty faced thing from another world was really something! And now thanks to Monstarz, you can actually own your very own, limited edition, hand painted, 3D resin maquette version of him! He's not 6 foot tall unfortunately, (they also left off his warts for some reason), but he looks mighty mean staring back at me from my shelf! CLICK HERE for more info and to order yourself one ASAP before they sell out. And in the meantime, let's take a look at another macabre moon related classic from comics legend, Basil Wolverton, and the August 1951 issue of Marvel Tales #102. It is Friday Frights again, after all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Meat Power

Thanksgiving time usually means turkey, and while that is indeed meat, please don't expect any goofy lookin' gobbler's in this post, --no sir! Today we have beef, and processed lunch meat, and fried chicken, ham, hamburgers, hot dogs, and also what I'm assuming must be meat flavored ice cream because why on Earth else is it featured in a mid-century Swift's Premium Meat booklet anyway? So okay, who's ready for one of the most uninspired AEET holiday posts ever? I mean golly, this recipe booklet is full of fun stuff, but unfortunately it's printed so terribly, not to mention the actual piss poor condition of the booklet itself (from years of being folded in half in one of my drawers), and well... *sigh! I turned my scanner off and just took some bad camera photos of the images instead, just to make sure this post is extra lo-fi, and ultra crumb-bummy too. Yes, while the power of meat may still compel you, we'll just have to see you all on Friday for a much higher quality level of blogging, because (frankly put) --this blogger is exhausted. And stuffed. And it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! Everyone please have a great holiday...

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Casper the Friendly Soaky

Harvey's most famously friendly spook, Casper, finally materialized his way into my Soaky collection this weekend! His discolored head has a few smudges and cracks on the sides and back, but overall he's in pretty good shape for a $6 find, and he sure is adorable with flowers in one hand, and a box of chocolates hidden behind his back in the other. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I guess he's standing on a drum?! Was Casper a little drummer boy in his previous life?

Friday, November 19, 2021

The Corpse's Embrace!

Friday Frights time again, and we're turning up the heat with a hot little number from the June-July 1951 issue of Dark Mysteries #1, featuring eerie, early art by THOIA fan favorite, lurid Lou Cameron! Nice atmosphere in this one too, plus attractive "damsel" panels, Lou's trademark use of silhouettes, and other neat little touches like the vanity mirror and lamp etc forming a skull in the 3rd panel on page 3. Disturbing fun with a little bit of something for everyone...

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Frustration Brick

Has there ever been a better time in history to own a Frustration Brick than right now? Seriously. Have you ever seen the country, heck, the world, so divided politically, pandemically-- idiotically??!! Wouldn't you love to just throw a freakin' brick into something?!! Well, now you can... sort of. Produced right here in STL MO in the mid 80's (though the box artwork looks more Schoolhouse Rockin' 70's awesome), the Frustration Brick answered many a call to the aggravated peoples o' the world everywhere, to those that just needed to let off some dangerous levels of simmerin' inner steam, and, simply put-- to chuck something dense and heavy right into something breaky glassy, --or fleshy facey! Sure it's actually made of foam, but the sentiment is the same even if the end result isn't as 100% satisfactory. So, wanna see me take my frustration out on the Frustration Brick itself? Because next time --be a REAL BRICK!!! 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Sadie Hawkins Day

Speakin' of Li'l Abner, on this day in 1937, Al Capp unleashed "Sadie Hawkins Day" upon the world in his fabulously funny and incredibly illustrated syndicated adventures set in good 'ol Dogpatch U.S.A. If you're not familiar with what this saucy day represents, I'll let good 'ol Wikipedia learn ya, HERE! A very funny story arc, and proved to be one of Capp's finest and most endearingly memorable comic strip moments, as it was immediately adopted into an actual pseudo-folk holiday and still celebrated (typically on November 13th) annually around the country. Columbia Pictures even produced a fun li'l animated film short version in 1944 --which you can watch HERE! If'n that ain't enough, I even have the Super 8mm film (see the pic below!) And land sakes, if all that runnin' 'round 'n bein' chased by lusty li'l ladies leaves ya parched, I've included a few good 'ol orange sody pop ads too-- Lil' Abner themed, of course! 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Dogpatch Exorcist

Stumbled into a pawn shop on the east side yesterday and found a literal treasure trove of amazing things, two of which I'm putting together here in one great post --with the other stuff on deck for later this month! First up, you might recall my Daisy Mae Picto-Puzzle key chain posted HERE last year, well now I have a Lil Abner as well! It's not exactly in the greatest condition unfortunately, it's missing a tile and most of the imagery on said tiles has nearly worn away to be practically indecipherable, but I'm still pretty happy to have it none the less! Not only that, but I also have the original backing card (in all of its off register glory) that the puzzle originally came attached to! An incredible find, indeed, and I'm always happy to add another piece to my Dogpatch USA / Al Capp collection, of course! And secondly, The Exorcist soundtrack (and other deviltry) on 8-track cassette! With colorful cover artwork that I've never even seen before, not to mention some really crazy added audio material not found on the official soundtrack-- "actual devil exorcism rites from Haiti, as well as an epilogue of Dr. Phibes conquering the darkness with his great organ! To quote Lil Abner: it too is "amoosin' an' confoosin'" and I'm not sure I even care to "figger it out!", and say now, ain't Daisy lookin' awfully purdy on that card?