Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tetsuwan Atom Miso Bowl

I bought this cute Tetsuwan Atom, (aka Astroboy), miso bowl in Osaka last year, and boy do I love it. Highlighted by artwork on all four sides of the bowl, including Astro's sister, Uran (and pet), the only thing I need to do now is find some worthy miso here in America to eat from out of it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

KING KONG by Frazetta

I recently found this first printing Ace paperback edition of KING KONG from '76 and was immediately blown away by the ever incredible Frank Frazetta cover art. As if that wasn't cool enough, Ace Books was even so kind as to include the painting a second time on the back cover, and minus all of the text! Yes, Fay Wray never looked Frazettier! So here are both sides scanned high resolution, the back cover unfortunately has quite a few scruffs and dings-- and I've yet to actually read this novelization, but when I do I'll add some additional notes to this post. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Meet the Living Mermaids!

Whoa, I'm finally getting an AEET post going here in 2019, (sorry for the tardiness), and if you've been following THOIA for the last 4 posts HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE, then you're already aware of the Professor Broussard, aka The Werewolf Hunter stories that I've been sharing over thar. But this sexy tail (get it?) from under the sea is just too fun 'n weird to not share, though not nearly as horrific as the THOIA posts have been-- so I'm putting it here for all to sea! *wink! And if you need more info on the Prof, head over to the stories linked above for the de-tails! From the April '45 issue of Rangers Comics #22, and lovely art by the even lovelier Lily Renee, of course!

*NOTE: No fish were fried in the making of this post. Sushi ONLY!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Pageant Key Art (August 1961)

The last post of 2018 at AEET, and now that you've checked out our previous entry dedicated to Barbara Steele HERE, how about a few more highlights from the same issue of Pageant Magazine, dated August 1961, this time with the focus on some of the fun key art used in a variety of the articles contained within. The first set of incredible car related images is about ways to cut summer driving costs (artist unknown unfortunately), followed by a really cute two page spread about boys wooing girls with art by MAD legend, Paul Coker (of course!) Artist also unknown on the ultra adorbz "How to Find Money" image set (dig that hilarious little girl hatin' on Hitler, haha), and finally a nice leggy illustration by someone name Weber for an article about Hollywood name dropping or something. All wonderfully stylized, and exactly the thing that floats this blogger's boat-- you all totally know what I mean! I also rounded out this post with the front and back mag covers.

Enjoy-- and see you all next year in 2019!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy Birthday, Barbara Steele!

Happiest of birthdays to one of my all-time favorite scream queen beauties of the silver screen, legendary Barbara Steele, who turns 81 years young today. I found these wonderful pictures in a digest issue of Pageant magazine from August, 1961.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


It's a downright dreary afternoon here in STL MO today, but not as miserable weather-wise as where the Pink Panther currently finds himself though! Let's check in on everyone's favorite cool cat and see how his day is developing. From the January 1976 issue of Gold Key Whitman Western Whatever's Pink Panther #31, artwork by Warren Tufts-- whew!

PLUS: A burn your hand BONUS!

Keep yer mitts off'a my potato chips, Phantom!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Speed Racer, aka Mach GoGoGo (33 1/3rd)

I wasn't coming back to the US from Japan last spring without something exceptionally awesome and radly related to another one of my favorite old school 60's anime classics, Speed Racer. Aka Mach GoGoGo, was first released as a manga that ran from 1966 - 1968 in the black and white pages of Sun Wide Comics' Shonen Book, and then quickly followed as the colorfully incredible Tatsunoko animated tv production that so many of us all over the world are familiar with from 1967 - 1968. Tatsuo Yoshida's timeless tale of a teenage race car driver vs. all sorts of crazy villains and super car competitors still holds up today as one of the most exciting, and endlessly entertaining Japanese cartoon series imports ever-- and this great 33 1/3rd flexi disc version from 1967 with a stunningly illustrated booklet is seriously just as amazing. You get the opening / closing themes songs (original Japanese versions, of course), plus a wonderfully bombastic, hi-octane read-a-long adventure starring Speed, Trixie, Racer X, and Sprittle and Chim Chim.

So tighten those helmet straps, load the trunk with food for those silly stowaways, and buckle up-- it's time to GO GO GO!!!

Hear the original theme song version HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: I spent a great deal of time on the scanning and clean-up for this post, so if you share these images elsewhere on the web, please remember to do the right thing and link back here to my original post. THANK YOU! --Mr. K