Sunday, March 7, 2021

SF Cable Car Box

I found this funny little wooden box last week, made in Japan by Rex Cards in 1968, and designed to look like a Powell St. cable car in San Francisco, CA. Cute illustrations of smiling people, packed in like sardines, and clearly on their way to the Takahashi Gift Boutique in Ghiradelli Square to get themselves a box too! There's just some ratty old black felt badly glued to all sides inside, if anyone was curious...

Friday, March 5, 2021

I Remember Mummy

I finally figured out a way to make the scans a little larger on the main page here so they're easier to read (cuz as everyone knows by now, clicking on images only makes things worse for whatever reason.) Anyway, I thought maybe it was also time for some precode horror, though silly as todays post is, I believe I might start a "Friday Frights" theme or something, so those of you who miss your dose of THOIA horror aren't thinking that I completely forgot about ya's! So now here we go with a creepy and a kooky, Addam's Family-esque type romp from 50's Atlas, --and judging from her televised popularity of the same year, I wouldn't be totally surprised if this is also poking a bit of fun at Vampira. From the June 1954 issue of Riot #2.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Genuine Horse Shit Cigarettes

Pretty sure all cigarettes are made with shitty stuff just as equally disgusting as equine road apples, but this is still a funny pack of novelty gag coffin sticks I saw at an antique mall a while back. I have no idea how old they are, and I didn't buy 'em either because even joke cigs make me wanna gag, --still, there's funny text on all sides, not to mention a hilarious typo or two. Now isn't that sweed? 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Puss in Boots

I found another great little 1930's Japanese bisque figurine over the weekend, this time it's the famous European literally fairy tale feline character from the 1500's, Puss in Boots! Doing a little online search, it appears he was originally available in a set with other nursery rhyme characters like Little Red Riding Hood,  Little Boy Blue, etc. Pretty good condition compared to some I've seen online as well, paint is still very vibrant, and he's double stamped from his country of origin on his backside and the bottoms of his tiny booted paws. These darn things have become very addictive to my collector sensibilities lately!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tall Stories by Watt A. Lyre

 If you were in the mood for a tall story (just one) today then you came to the right place, as we crack open the April 1946 issue of Seven Seas #1 for some cute high seas hi jinx, aka a fishy tail for February! And as you read this, make special note of page two. Is there honestly any reason why this pointless padder exists in this story except, or course, to maybe beef up the page number? A little prat fall comedy relief is one thing, but it just seems so oddly added in it's almost a distraction. Read the story a second time and skip page two entirely, you'll see what I mean. Still, a fun little 40's quicky, and very funny too! And love that lil mermaid!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sorry You're Sick!

 As mentioned in many of my greeting card posts in the past, the "get well" category of my collection leads all the other holidays and situational themed cards combined (in number), and by miles too. And as it was reported this week in the news, the US death toll from Covid-19 has unfortunately and officially surpassed the 500,000 mark. It seems unreal, and while I don't take this matter lightly, I do think that sometimes laughter can be a decent dose of medicine, so I guess that means maybe it's time to reach into the collection box and pull out something else to mark the occasion. This midcentury Forget-Me-Not from Laurel Cards seems a good fit, with its stubble-faced palooka character strong-armin' his weight all over the place and trying to be sympathetic to our sickly situation. Yep, as we all anxiously await our turns with this painfully slow vaccine roll-out, doing our best to avoid crowds, trying not to worry, taking it cautiously easy, and patiently waiting... well... ummmm, howz'about we speed things up a bit and kick this thing, already? What a year!


Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Hang Hiss Horror of it All

I was cleaning out the photo folder on my phone and found some images I've snapped and forgotten about over the last few years. These things were too pricey for my antiquer wallet, but still deemed worthy of a photograph. SEE! The morbidly macabre, mid century, Hang Man Game from Zany Toys, quote: "fun for all", and clearly beating out Parker Brothers with the "zany" strangulation concept by a few decades. SEE! The cute ceramic snake shaped ashtray with a funny slogan, jewel eyes, and a handy basket compartment to store your wooden matches (or pot.) I really regret not buying this now! ARGHH! And finally SEE! A 70's spook show poster with The Optimist Club (of St. Louis) inviting you to "A Night of Horror!" packed with monsters and a live, onstage human cremation-- and at the same Meramec Community College campus where I learned Japanese (badly), and filmmaking to boot!