Tuesday, December 1, 2020

To Ghost or Not to Ghost

That is indeed the question! England has ghost stories for xmas-- why can't we in the states? So my vow here at AEET for the month of December will be a ghost story every week of the month leading up to xmas, you know, mixed in with the other usual sort of random stuff you've all come to (hopefully) love about this blog. And we'll kick it off with a bit o'light-hearted haunted house hi-jinx with my all-time favorite comedy duo in one of their sillier Charlton comic book adventures --oh, and I promise the ghostly tales will get much more spooky as we get closer to xmas, let's just ease into it, shall we? From the February 1970 issue of Abbott & Costello #13, plus a bonus one page quickie from issue #4 to round things out as well! Do you dig?

Monday, November 30, 2020


It's not enough that these silly 60's PuzzNiks jigsaws come with over 125 pulse-pounding pieces, they also included a "surprise witticism" that you would only discover AFTER it was completely assembled! In this case it's, "When I ask your opinion, I'll tell you what to say." Hmmmm, pretty "witty." A quick online search (mostly eBay) tells me there were quite a few of these puzzles produced by Warren Paper Product Company's Built Rite division located in lovely Lafayette, Indiana, and each featured a colorfully different looking vaudevillian-esque character bordering on kooky court jester or hobo clown. I wonder if the other puzzles also had a tiny, weirdly cut area that contains no actual puzzle piece?!! (see last scan close-up)

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Keep Your Spray Gun Clean

 Earlier this month I posted some fun art found on a mid century lantern box, CLICK HERE if you missed it, --and now today I have more from a generic 60's or 70's spray gun package. Our illustrated hero below looks pretty serious about following the 5 easy steps to spray gun cleanliness! I do get the feeling he may have taken the gun apart first though. Well, live and learn...

Friday, November 27, 2020

Rock Me, Dr. Zaius

Back when I was a kid, something fun that smaller toy companies did (and maybe still do) was produce action figures (Marvel / DC, etc) connected to a cheap plastic parachute. You'd toss 'em up in the air and then watch 'em glide back down, and ahhh yes, fun for about 5 minutes, or until the cheap ass parachute tore or got tangled in a power line. My favorites were the goofy looking "Poopa Troopers" of which I had dozens in every rubbery color under the sun-- and many of them met a fate just as fiery whilst tied to a bottle rocket on the fourth of July! But today I was digging around a box of bargain toys and unearthed a Dr. Zaius Planet of the Apes Parachutist made by AHI. He looks like he's rockin' a guitar more than brandishing an AK, --which is totally fine by me-- unfortunately, he's missing some paint as well as the parachute, and after looking these up on eBay he is unfortunately no longer mint in his original packaging because OMG these go for hundreds of dollars if you can actually still find 'em like that! Great looking card art too (see below.)

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Ms. Vampire Killer / Smartest Plant in the World

So what's everyone hungry for today? I mean, Thanksgiving 2020 seems a bit tainted thanks to the pandemic, and with the CDC recommending everyone just stay home and far away from friends and family for fear of spreading additional infection and even death, well, need I say that this holiday season is indeed one big horror show. So in keeping with that theme --as well as the theme of hungry things in need of feeding-- today I have a two course platter of petrifying 70's DC doom, both from the horrifically cool House of Secrets series, issues #121 and #154 to be exact. "Feed me!" you scream?  Open wide, and everyone please have a safe and happy horrorday...

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Once a Knight...

If you enjoyed the "knights" of our last post, then here ya go with a few more knightly things I spotted recently. First up, a wonderfully illustrated button from the 50's or 60's, that, if I'm reading it correctly, (and if it's implying what I think it's implying) --couldn't be more wrong! And secondly, a gorgeously designed, mid century King Arthur and His Knights themed pinball game, manufactured right here in good 'ol STL MO by Northwestern Products Co. I see many available online, and all are very pricey.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Shadows of Knight sing "Potato Chip"

Digging around some old records yesterday and found this fun flexi by The Shadows of Knight. Released by Auravision in 1966, this 331/3rd disc with a run time of 31/2 minutes long is a great little garage rock number about girls and potato chips. It also includes a hilarious bit at the beginning with the lead singer introducing each band member and asking them a question which produces some very funny responses. Apparently the only way to get this song back in the day was to buy a bag (or box?) of Fairmont brand potato chips which had the bonus flexi attached to it. Is there a better combination in the world than rock 'n roll and potato chips? Of course there is, but still...

Give it a listen HERE!