Friday, November 29, 2019

Dogpatch USA Pappy Bank ('75)

I found a funny 70's Dogpatch USA souvenier Pappy bank a few weeks back, and as you can see, he's in durn good condition despite a few scruffs on his plastic base. Um, if you don't know what Dogpatch USA is then CLICK HERE for an Ozark theme park story that is as frustrating as it is fascinating, and if for some reason you're unaware who Pappy is then by all means, please CLICK HERE too! And finally, if you're like me and post Thanksgiving Day Pappy, you're saving your money and putting it in the bank while eating turkey sandwiches for the rest of the weekend-- or until all the leftovers run out! Hope ya'll had a great holiday!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

End of the Line Thanksgiving + Carrie Fisher

The November 1980 issue of Jack and Jill Magazine has just 4 measly fun pages devoted to said month's holiday, Thanksgiving, (they're a pretty good 4 pages though!), so I thought I'd go ahead and round out the post with Princess covergirl, Carrie Fisher, and the one page article plus pin-up also featured inside! Have a great holiday everyone, and as always, eat irresponsibly, --and may The Force be with you!


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Put the UN in Cooking Fun

Has it really been 6 years since I posted a cooking with soda recipe booklet? Wow, it's definitely time to fix that, and what better time to do so than a few days before Thanksgiving-- just in time, in fact, to give you a few bonus ideas for adding some UN fun to your big holiday menu! This is a lovely little booklet, by the way, published by The Seven-Up Company right here in STL MO in 1969. Super simple, yet perfect design, great illustrations and colors (I totally love the hand lettering!), and of course lots of tasty, soda pop flavored recipes to whet your whistle! From appetizers to desserts, to main course and special drinks... I for one am trying the 7Up Pancakes --but as usual will be switching it out with my fave-- Mountain Dew!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Wrigley Zoo Ads

If you saw Mike's comment in our last post of Jack and Jill ads, you might've figured out what was up next here at AEET-- the incredible, pop-up Wrigley Zoo ads! Featured as the back cover of a handful of 60's issues, the Wrigley's Gum mascot (Spearman?) would take you on a gorgeously illustrated, impeccably designed tour through a paper pop-up zoo, double-sided, and spread out like a gatefold over 2 terrific pages. Seriously, it's kind of breath taking when you open these up for the first time and see how perfectly cute and detailed everything is! The examples I have for you today from my collection are for sloths and kangaroos. And as you can also see below, each ad featured fun facts about the animals, while on the back page you'd discover a poem with even more lovely illustrations.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Turn Your Ideas About Ads Upside Down

We've seen a lot of Jack and Jill Magazine highlights over the last few months here, and today I have a handful of wonderful advertisement pages from mid to late 60's issues that do more than just hock a product atcha. Some of these have fun interactive cut-out elements, comic strips, and one even forces you to turn the ad upside down to read it! Some feature products and product mascots that I barely even remember, despite being born in the 60's myself. Anyway, Halloween may be technically over, but we're still in mask making mode here at AEET --I just wish I had a big glass of Goofy Grape to guzzle down while bloggin' away right now!

(Check out a funny Funny Face Goofy Grape commercial HERE!)


(Enjoy an awesomely animated Good 'n Plenty commercial HERE!)

Dig these other toy premiums you got free in a box of Honeys, HERE!)

(Check out a great Cookie Man commercial by CLICKING HERE!)

Can you believe these green cans? CHECK 'EM OUT HERE!)

(That's my Elmer-- HERE!)

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Crossbones Charlie

Crossbones Charlie was a cute little pirate character that appeared as back-up in a variety of different comics in the 1940's, and was wonderfully illustrated by artist / animator, Frank Little (and "Ole Saylor" har!) First up, from the winter 1945 issue of Crown Comics #4, and highlighted by an attractive lil leggy redhead captive! --and secondly, a one page black 'n white, inside back cover quickie that reminds me a bit of Tony Millionare's Maakies, from the winter 1944 - '45 issue of Bomber Comics #4. Fun stuff!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Mr. Bones vs. Beatnik! (Vintage Halco Costumes)

Picked up a couple of vintage Halloween costume gems at the Antique Toy Show here last weekend: Skeleton (aka, "Mr. Bones"), and a long cherished Beatnik, both from Halco. Excellent condition on the pair, (and the price was pretty swell as well), and man, you really gotta love that grinning skull and top hat, and behold-- even his hip bones are skulls! Note that some of the painted areas on the frocks are glittery too!

Next up, our hip shady beatnik daddio, with blue beret, and lit doob danglin' from the corner of his mouth is just as impressively designed, even if he probably never uses that old comb tucked into his breast pocket.

Nice 'n simple character box art on all sides, and the die-cut clown window on the lid is exceptionally fun 'n festive and frames the mask faces inside beautifully!