Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Finger (Puppets)

My two all-time favorite things ever are: making puppets, and giving people the finger. So, when I saw this chapter in the Arrow Book of Tricks and Projects (Scholastic / 1960) I knew that I just had to share this wealth of amazing information with everyone! Yes, learn all the tricks to make simple and fun puppets from everyday, household objects, and then you too can secretly give everyone The Finger in the guise of putting on a puppet show! It's really this fuckin' easy!

Friday, August 10, 2018

3D Werewolf Poster (1978)

Also lurking in the mix of Dynamite Magazines I picked up recently (see previous post), was this cool 16x20, 3D werewolf poster from Scholastic, dated 1978, with art by Neal Adams. Pretty sure it didn't come with the "Monster Family" issue of our last post (as I'm not seeing any mention of a werewolf poster in the table of contents), so does anyone know where this beast originated?

Wanna buy the original art? It's available now on eBay HERE!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Monster Style

I recently picked up a stack of old Scholastic Dynamite magazines, and the July 1979 issue contains this fun article on monster families full of great Walter Velez art-- and not to mention that super cool Dracula cover too!

This issue also contains a glossy, one-sided picture framed monster portrait printed on card stock, about the size of a postcard, and if you look close you can see the perforated lines around the monster faces-- this is where you're supposed to punch-out their mugs and stick your own gruesome family faces in instead! Print one out and have a monster mashin' blast!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gold Bat 黄金 バット Model Kit

I made a vow to not return to the US without something related to the very first comic book hero in history, Gold Bat, aka Ōgon Bat, aka 黄金 バット (1931), and it wasn’t until my last day in Tokyo that I stumbled upon this awesome 60's / 70's (?) vintage Gold Bat model kit at a Mandarake store at Nakano Broadway. Beautiful painted box art, and the pieces are already gold too, so there’s no need to paint! So what do you guys say, should I break from my dork ass collector sensibility and keep this gem mint in the box, or should I put it together?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Wienermobile!

That's right, last weekend the world famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile paid a visit to my local grocer in beautiful, Barnhart MO, and I was there to actually see it up close and in person! I was even able to step inside (watch the mustard on the floor!) and witness the wonderful wiener world from the other side of the wiener wheel 'n windshield! What a classy machine! Is there an even greater customized transport machine on the open road today? Not likely...

The Wienermobile came bearing wonderful FREE gifts as well: stacks of coloring pages, rolls of super stickers, and even the classic "Wiener Whistle" to annoy my cat with for hours!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ultra Man Coin-Op Kiddie Ride (Kobe, Japan)

A mere stones throw away from the spectacular Tetsujin 28, aka Gigantor statue (see previous post HERE), this coin-op kiddie ride of Ultraman in front of a nearby Kobe toy store is just as spectacular to behold. I'm guessing it's from the late 60's / early 70's, and as you can see from my photos, it is indeed in ultra pristine condition!

And did I go for an ultra ride, you ultra ponder? Well...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gigantor Statue

Speaking of giant robots, on a recent day trip to Kobe, Japan (from Osaka), I was finally able to stand in jaw dropping awe beneath the life-sized statue of the king of giant robots-- Tetsujin 28, aka Gigantor! "Bigger than big, taller than tall..." is no joke (see the very last image below for all the size details), --seriously, it's so impressive and awesome in person that I had to photograph it from every angle! Has anyone else taken a stroll down Tetsujin Street?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Shogun Warriors!

Recent additions to my Shogun Warrior collection: the complete Colorforms adventure set from 1978 featuring Great Mazinger, RaydeenDragun and an arsenal of weapons to fight with on a colorful animated background scene, +booklet. Also, the incomplete Ben Cooper Great Mazinger halloween costume from 1977 --mask only unfortunately-- but it looks great on the wall next to my Ultraman and GeGeGe No Kitaro masks!

Friday, May 11, 2018


You wanted the best... you got the best... the hottest soda in the land-- well, you do have to refrigerate 'em! That's right, one of my all time favorite bands has now teamed up with Rocket Fizz on some sweet ass pop that is actually pretty damn rockin': KISS Destroyer Kola, KISS Cherry Kola, and there's even a KISS Army Root Beer (not pictured-- as I'm not really a fan of root beer and I wanted to try out the KING KONG Cola instead-- and it's also quite delicious!) All 3 are bold and flavorful, though the cherry kola kind of left a cough droppish after-taste in my mouth. Still way better than Cherry Pepsi though! The bottle labels are an equally ass kickin' highpoint here, nicely designed, with one based on their fan club logo, and the others based on two of their best 70's album releases as well! And OMG the KONG label is super awesome as well --see image below!

Available at all Rocket Fizz locations, or you can order online too by clicking HERE!

And who won the taste test, you ponder? For my taste buds, it's a clear tie as the monsters of rock can easily hold their own with a monster from Hollywood!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I Had My Hair Redone For the Christmas Holiday...

Well, not MY hair, it was actually the hair on this vintage Kreiss Psycho Ceramic xmas figurine from 1960's Japan-- my $12 find of the week at a local antique mall! With her fuzzy two color doo, and strategically placed holly leaves over her private bits, isn't she just the absolute cutest! And fyi: the name of this post is in reference to a card description that used to come tied to her wrist (according to a current eBay auction listing HERE!), and boy oh boy, judging from the "buy it now" price, even without the attached wrist card I'm guessing I got a pretty swell deal on this!

Don't look, Ethel!