Monday, February 27, 2023

CRYPTKEEPER: Tales from the Crypt Model Kit '94

In 1994, Screamin' released Horror Series model kit #13, aka Cryptkeeper: Tales from the Crypt (based on the cable TV series version of the host, not the original EC comic book version.) Yes, here we have everyone's favorite putrid, pun-spoutin', cacklin' creep, flippin' through the pages of his own terror tome o'tales in a superbly spooky, soft vinyl sculpt, (comes with real hair too), and stands over 14" tall once you've fully assembled him. The box art is nicely done on all sides too, and the instructions come with images of the original EC host version, as well as some color cover images, mail order cards, etc. Another sweet fiend-- errr, find, I mean! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee...

Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Startling Tale

It's not in the greatest condition, but this unusual cap-gun trick book from 1910 is still quite the find. Hidden inside the cover is where the dynamite details of our explosive tale begins --and ends-- for our unsuspecting reader... a simple snap mechanism loaded with gunpowder caps (not included!) The author's name is a silly play on popular English romance writer, Elinor Glyn.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Ray Reyes 3-D Art ('68)

After drooling over examples of Ray Reyes 3-D art for years online (as well as a few missed eBay auctions), it was startling to actually walk into a local antique mall this weekend and see one hanging on the wall right there in front of me. And then noticing that it was actually priced affordably-- well, lets just say that my heart skipped a few beats, uh-huh! Ray's stunningly unique, 60's Mexican folk art style of mixed, molded, colored clay (or putty) to create a framed 3-D scene on a wild, slap-dash, splatter painted background is certainly a sight to behold. Here we see a doctor checking his own fluttery heart rate after asking his lovely patient to remove her clothing. The faces of both characters are just mini masterpieces of sexiness and humor, Reyes really had a great eye for detail in every respect --even the globby background splatters have an interesting, otherworldly texture, -- it's as if our two crazy characters are materializing right out of another groovy dimension. And like a funny, cute, one-panel comic gag in an old men's magazine, it's a silly, stylized, self-contained story with no real need for dialog, though I am curious if something was meant in place of all that empty space in the upper left hand corner. Signed and dated 1968 (the same year I was born), and though it's surely seen better days when you view it close-up in some areas, it's held up surprisingly well (possibly even better than me!) And that's the only one real downside to this fabulous piece of art: the putty itself is still somehow very much active and moldable. It doesn't take much to accidentally leave a gash in it with your fingernail, or push in some element, which is what appears to have happened to the good doctor's nose at some point over the last half century. This thing is also a total dirt, lint, and fingerprint magnet, and trying to clean it up only creates more tiny problems, I mean, clearly whoever tried to improve the woman's back, for example, just made things worse, unfortunately. Some of Ray's 3-D art pieces I've seen online have a sheet of glass over the subjects which definitely seems the way to go. You can view a few more of these by googling Ray's name, and FYI: a couple on eBay right now too!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Loony Goon!

Napcoware made a ton of cute and funny figurines in the 60's, but none were more loony or goony than their line of monsterific Loony Goons! I believe there were 4 in all: a witch, vampire, werewolf, and this goony lil guy that I can't believe I found recently! Hand-painted ceramic, yarn hair, and standing about 5" tall, he is indeed the very definition of both loon AND goon! If you google NAPCOWARE LOONY GOON you'll be able to see all the others, but also be sure to check out the 60's Hallmark Contemporary Drolls cards featuring the insanely awesome (Coker-esque?) artwork that these goons are clearly based upon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Masquerade Melee-- and More!

AEET celebrates Valentine's Day with a big dose of comic book story fun and goofy vintage greeting cards! And first up, from the November - December 1949 issue of School-Day Romances #1, it's teen reporter, Midge Martin in her very first appearance and on the scene, screwballin' Glenview High as well as a masquerade ball with her silly shenanigans. Featuring lots of skimpy, jungle costumed, golden era good-girl art that might just give Sheena, Tygra, Camilla, Ruhla, Pantha, (and even Jo-Jo) a run for their money! And we'll round things out with a handful of kooky cute, awfully offensive, and totally titillating vintage Valentine's from my own personal collection. So Happy February 14th to all you loony toon love birds out there!