Sunday, October 24, 2021

Shafford Black Cat Bottle (50's)

Black cats are as much a part of Halloween as ghosts, goblins, and Linnea Quigley, and yesterday I added another one to my collection of midcentury ceramics. Just a little over 5 1/2 inches tall, this hand painted 50's feline from Japan, known as a Shafford Black Cat, was originally some type of oil or vinegar decanter, just remove the cute lil head and check out the cool cork inside the neck. Mine is painted with quite the sour puss expression on her face compared to others I've seen online, and speaking of, man oh man, --what a wild variety of black cats these Shaffordians produced! Figurines, mugs, ashtrays, utensils, tea pots, etc... dig into Google for more!

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Vampire Strikes

Is everyone getting tired of vampire stories yet? I know I never do, but I can sometimes feel it me bones, and in the air... when a blog theme seems to sort of wear out its full-bodied, warm-blooded welcome. So after today we'll get back to a more macabre mix of precode (and beyond) Halloween horror themes, sprinkled of course with the unusual variety of everything else, too! But for now, there's no better way to say "la revedere" to the Friday Fright vamps, than with a Stan Lee and Russ Heath shocker from the July 1952 issue of Mystery Tales #3.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Old Maid

Ohhh, October. The month of monsters and mayhem, ghosts, goblins, gory ghouls, wicked werewolves, vicious vampires, and-- old maids?!! Well, not really, but there is a reason I'm posting this brilliantly illustrated vintage card game tucked away in this cute teeny book shaped / designed case, (from Peter Pan.) Can you figure it out? It's quite easy really, all you have to do is scroll down and look. at. the. pretty. pictures. This could just as easily be examples from a Ben Cooper Halloween costume catalog instead: So be a cowboy. Be a bum! Be a wacky 'ol witch, or a Kuku Klown, --or even a dippy dabbin' beatnik arteeest. Or you could just play this fun, midcentury, miniature card game, either way... ohhh, October...

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Monster Scenes Comic / Vampirella Kit Instructions

Hot on the heels of the hot bare lil heels of our last post about The Victim Aurora model kit from 1971 (HERE), comes the humorously horrific comic book story about how our lovely lass fell into the diabolical lair of Dr. Deadly in the first place! This comic was repeated in the other model kits from this series as well --for Dr. Deadly, Frankenstein, Vampirella, and all of the "Pain Parlor" accessories. And speaking of Vampi, I've also included the assembly instructions for her kit below as well. I didn't feature these with her previous post (HERE), as I was hoping to do larger scans and clean them up because as you can see, the booklets are old and very faded (and stained-- don't ask!) ...but alas, I just haven't had the time this month for everything I had originally planned.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Victim Aurora Monster Scenes

Earlier this month I showed you my recently acquired vintage Vampirella Aurora Monster Scenes model kit from 1971 (HERE!), and today I have another 70's original-- The Victim! The instruction booklet story goes that Dr. Deadly sent Frankenstein's Monster out to find him some worthy prey to torture, and here's what the man-made monstrosity brought back, in all of her screaming, skimpy-clothed, barefooted beauty! And like Vampirella, the victim seen here is merely temp-snapped together and still needs to be glued, sanded, and painted, (and yes, I will get to them both shortly), but for now I just wanted everyone to see how nicely moulded this kit actually is from her titillatingly terrific top, to her tantalizingly tippy-toe bottom. You can be sure that parents loved giving this kinky kit to their children back in the day! Oh, I just remembered that I never showed you the Vampi instructions, so those'll be coming up next, as well as the mini comic story that is indentical to all the subjects associated with this kit series. Stay tombed for more models...

Friday, October 15, 2021

Curse of the Vampire, Eerie Pub News + Foul Floppies!

The Halloween Horror Box Collection Kickstarter --which includes my VAMPIRES #1 issue-- reached its max and more, so yes, Virginiarella, we are fully funded! Hurrah!!! Thank you to everyone who donated and showed amazing interest and support for this petrifyin' project. And while we anxiously await for said releases, more cool news comes a'creepin' down the 'ol turnpike about Mike Howlett's new Eerie Publications: The Complete Covers book to seriously fuck you up in February 2022! OMG. Can't. Wait. CLICK HERE for all the hardcover details and to preorder yours (it's also available in softcover HERE!) And be sure to get in on some of the awesome pre-order perks too! And to celebrate all these wondrously gory thingies, I dug out an old Eerie Pub blood sucker tale from the April 1973 issue of Terror Tales V5 #2 --an actual reworking of a Web of Mystery story from 1952! This one was originally posted at THOIA way back in 2010-- so consider this an encore presentation, you freaky foul Friday Frights fans! PS: And speaking of foul, my buddy Brian has shredded out a terrifically sleazy metal riff rockathon just in time for Halloween, and along with images of his favorite horror comic splash pages taken from THOIA, he has inadvertently created an instant horrorday classic for the ages! CLICK HERE and turn it up!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

LADY GODEVIL: 70's Decter Mannequin

This has definitely been the Year of the Mannequin for Mr. Karswell, as last week I scored yet another bare and slightly bruised beauty from a local antique mall at a ridiculously low price of $40. Unfortunately missing her bottom half and all of her limbs, my friend came to the rescue a few days later and hooked me up with some arms, though minus the hands which are apparently very hard to find (see the end of this post.) And after much online research and some super knowledgable input from a couple of the finest mannequin experts in the midwest (thank you Brad and Clint), it turns out she's a late 70's Decter mannequin, and possibly from their incredible line of roller disco themed "KnockOuts." And since it is October, I immediately set to work getting her ready for Halloween with some hair, a mask, choker, and most importantly some hands, which are basically just my elbow length skeleton gloves that I've already had for over a decade now. I think keeping her topless, though covered, adds a bit of Lady Godiva loveliness meets Devilman Lady mystery = Lady Godevil. She looks pretty damn good, does everyone not agree?