Sunday, December 31, 2023

I Married a Zombie

If you just got massacred over at THOIA HERE, then welcome to the next stop in your New Years Evil midnight plans! It's another classic cut from the joltin' June 1953 issue of Astonishing #25. So let's ring in 2024 with a real dead ringer-- out with the mold and in with the grue-(some!) Yes friends, this creepy corpse parade / conga line ain't over until the fat lady screams... HAPPY NEW FEAR!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

NECA Toony Terrors Vampira

For xmas this year, I gifted myself the Toony Terrors Vampira collectable figure (Horror Icons Series 8) by NECA, and as you can see below, had a great time photographing her! She comes complete with a skull and a cut-out candelabra hallway backdrop scene printed on the backside of the figure card. In keeping with the "toon" aspect of this action figure line, she's a bit more stylized than the equally nice, and beautifully packaged Super7 ReAction Vampira action figure, but still, and most surprisingly, I think I actually like this NECA version a little bit better because she's just a lot more fun with her over-sized hands, micro-waist, feline-esque face, and posability options. 

Friday, December 22, 2023

Scrappy Christmas

I recently found a handful of Scrappy Christmas Tree Lights made by Mazda Lamps in 1934. They're actually just multi-colored celluloid covers featuring cartoon character decals glued to the outsides, (which then attach over a strand of xmas lights, thus colorfully illuminating your tree.) I've seen a set of these themed with Disney characters as well, but this one is Columbia Pictures favorite kid terror, Scrappy, plus all the gang, and even includes Santa himself! We get them running around with a rifle, eating xmas pie, and just generally doing all kinds of the wonderfully bratty stuff you see 'em doing in the great old b/w cartoon shorts-- and luckily, I scored one of each cover color variation! Have a great holiday, everyone!

Monday, December 18, 2023

50's Spook Patches

Found some fun, 1950's Post Toasties "Spook Patches" cereal prizes a few weeks back, though mine seem to be part of the mail-order option, per the wonderfully designed envelope. And while Spook Patches aren't exactly "spooky", (I mean, the ghost on the envelope is), I'm assuming the "spooky" factor applies to the eerie "glow-in-the-dark" aspect. That's not to say though that there might've been some other scarier artwork on some, because as you can see, I only have 19 of the 60 that were available. So okay, these actually feel more like a cheap Cracker Jacks paper prize, and it's odd that the yellow gritty textured areas on the stickers aren't actually the areas that glow. Still a blast from the glow-in-the-dark past none the less, and a few of them have some really great illustrations. (Advertisement image found on eBay.)

Thursday, December 14, 2023

God of Thunder?

Recently acquired this gorgeous bronze, antique nouveau vanity tray. It's only 9 inches wide but feels like it weighs over two pounds. It's lushly designed with swirling, curling leaves and flowers, and right in the middle is a mysterious, god-like male face. Being a vanity tray, he's clearly judging you, (har!) but does anyone really know who he is? A few other onliners think he's a viking or some type of "God of Thunder." Sounds good to me, but I'd really like to know more. Because, you know, maybe he's just Santa Claus? If anyone has any real information, please respond. Thank you!

Monday, December 4, 2023


While some of you are still trying to finish up last month's Thanksgiving Day leftovers, I just remembered that I still have a horrific Halloween morsel I totally forgot to feed to you! Yes sir, this is a fun, and highly unique 60's (or maybe early 70's) Rust Craft Studio greeting card, creature-featuring a hysterical holiday salute with a super silly, monsteriffic board game themed design! Comes complete with a working spinner which is perplexingly glued to the FRONT of the card, thus making actual same-time utilization of it and the gatefold play field game INSIDE impossible, haha-- the joke is totally on you! Anyway, it's loaded with hilarious artwork, plus some very witty writing ("You're a cup of coffee!"), --just make sure to swift-foot it as you boldly break out those dried owl's eyes! They definitely don't make 'em like this anymore!