Saturday, May 29, 2021

Dracula Lives!

 Our Friday Frights Triple Birthday Celebration Double Header Weekend (whew!) concludes with a blood sucker classic, this time for the late great Christopher Lee, and from the March 1951 issue of Suspense #7. And once again happy birthday to Vincent Price and Peter Cushing as well! And speaking of vampires, I'll have some very exciting related news to share with everyone soon-- so lock all your doors and windows (and coffin lids) and stay tombed!!

Friday, May 28, 2021

It Happened in the Lab

Yesterday was not only Christopher Lee's birthday, but also the great Vincent Price's too! And with Peter Cushing's birthday on the 26th, I think it only proper that we keep this celebration rolling and tribute them all with a doomtacular weekend of themed story posts! We'll start it off with Vinny and Pete (who both played many a great mad scientist) with the most insane mad scientist story to ever grace 5 putrid pages of a creepy old comic book! Seriously, this one is absolutely bonkers, and when you reach the bottom of page 3 you'll discover a whole new meaning for "Lord of the Flies." And don't forget to come back this weekend for the Chris Lee portion of our tribute-- I'm sure it'll be something vampire related, I haven't really decided yet-- but for now, let's don our lab coats and head into the April 1954 issue of Mystic #29, (art by Pete Tumlinson.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Slot-O-Rama '74

Sounds like a wild, old-school adult film from 1974, but actually it was just one of many Las Vegas jackpot postcard ads promising big cash prizes-- made even more tantalizing by the thought of beautifully bare, 70's showgirls playing with lots 'n lots of dirty money! Man, with all of those instant winnings, you could totally splurge yourself silly with a gourmet dining feast at the Aladdin's Sabre Room, or catch a real eyeful of gyrating lady action with Barry Ashton's "This Is Burelesque" at the Bagdad Theatre... umm, among other things.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Kodak Pony Roundup

Funny cowboy art highlights this midcentury Kodak Pony Camera booklet I found the other day, though FYI, I didn't photograph the entire thing, just the pages with the cowboy art. And yes, though his poor horse takes a few for the team on the last couple pages, let's all celebrate anything you want and dig a pony-- and also try to remember that this is "more fun" with your pony-- just like the cover says! I'm fairly certain you'll never convince Mr. Ed of that though!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Harry's Hobby!

Everyone needs a hobby! Over the last few years I'm sure you've all figured out what sort of things float my boat, but for Friday Frights this week, let's check in on henpeckered 'ol Harry and see what bottled-up emotions he's about to unleash, in this crazy tale from the December 1952 issue of Marvel Tales #110. And speaking of bottled-up emotions, you remember my post HERE right? Well, now you can own that same interesting item, as it is currently for sale in my Etsy store. Yep, I have an etsy store, just CLICK HERE to check it out and buy my junk! I'll be adding lots more stuff over the coming weeks, so bookmark it and check back often! You've enjoyed the posts-- now own a piece of Mr. Karswell's Kollection!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Happy Birthday, Dear Funny Face

One of the more oddly interesting vintage greeting cards I've stumbled upon lately, a strange mish-mash of ballet bunnies and a horror inducing create-a-face bonus that probably scared the ploppers proper right out of poor lil Petunia. Yep, grandpa sure knew how to pick 'em, as all girly tradition is thrown to the wind with a cute, whirling wabbitty poem accompanying a sheet of weird-oh-esque male facial features to apply to the blank slate ballerina's missing mug on the front cover-- ?!! This is definitely one for the pre-teen trauma Twilight Zone files!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Hot Dawg!

Spotted yet another great vintage BBQ apron at the antique mall, --unfortunately way out of my price range, but hilarious art, a hawt grillin' lady, and sizzlin' dawgs make for quite a combo! 

Friday, May 14, 2021

The Man Who Vanished!

We're keepin' it green as Friday Frights at AEET reminds you that since it's still spring, it's time to get back to the horrific awfulness that can only be described as ::shudder:: yard work. I can only think of one thing more mind numbing than yard work, and that would be if someone made me go fishing. Please. Just kill me first. So here's a terrifying tale that combines two loathsome themes into one-- why, even 'ol Karswell himself breaks out into a cold sweat just thinking about it! From the February 1952 issue of Marvel Tales #105, with jolting artwork by the late, great, Joe Sinnot... and you Creepshow fans might also find yourselves dipped in shit to discover this classic creeper to be right up yer own overgrown, weed infested alleyways!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Green Slime Action Figure!

Monstarz totally knocked it way into the deepest, darkest depths of rubber monster space with this awesome new Green Slime action figure! Identical to the evil aliens in the 1968 sci-fi horror classic, and great packaging too, the tentacles even have multiple points of articulation! A fun figure from a super fun movie, --you really need to crank the theme song (HERE!) while you're playing with him-- and check out this hilarious retro style toy commercial (HERE!) too. Order one (or an army of 'em) HERE!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Parker Brothers Popeye

 The early half of the 80's was a fun time if you were an arcade addict. Video games were everywhere and assorted related merchandise began popping up depending on how popular certain games became. Pac Man and Donkey Kong of course were tremendous hits, and without even skipping a beat, along came a literal avalanche assortment of fun extras: toys, tee-shirts, banks, stickers, mugs, arcade sequels, home system versions, even Saturday morning animated cartoon spin-off shows etc. And now we come to Popeye. Everyone knows the most famous sailor man of all time, I'm sure. He started out nearly a century ago as, simply enough, one of the funniest cartoon characters to ever grace the big screen, and his Nintendo arcade classic from 1982 was most certainly one of the more memorable quarter chuggers of the era, at least according to my 14 year old pocketed allowance. And boy, I wasn't even aware of this Parker Brothers board game (until recently) which came out in 1983, just one year after the video game popped up in arcades and pizza parlors around the world. Seriously, these old school board renditions can really be hit or miss, but this one is actually every bit as much fun as the arcade version, and very similar too as you dodge the flying fists of Brutus, as well as the evil old Sea Hag! Eat spinach, knock out the baddies, and collect hearts thrown haphazardly into the air from our eternal love interest / captive damsel in distress, dainty lil miss Olive Oyl herself! A really great find for me this weekend, one of my favorite cartoon characters in a board game based on one of my all time favorite arcade games-- it doesn't get much better than that!

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Vampire and the Lady!

Friday Frights here at AEET gives you something to really sink your sinister, slobbering teeth into today, as Stan Lee and Russ Heath team-up on a terrifically creepy, crypt-kicker classic from the November 1952 issue of Spellbound #9.