Sunday, April 28, 2019

Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners, Hawaii

I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for about 6 months back in the late 90's, and while there I dined on what I still consider to be some of the best food of my life. The traditional Hawaiian favorites, the seafood and South Pacific / Japanese / Korean staples etc... all incredible. But the whole time I was there (and this even happened one time while I was sitting at a luau), I kept hearing about the Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners. Apparently, nothing was as good as the Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners. I have no opinion on the subject of Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners because while I was there I don't remember there even being a Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners restaurant, nor did anyone speaking of Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners ever bother to mention if a Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners still existed on Oahu, or on any of the Hawaiian islands or not. But apparently Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners was a place to go to POUND some serious / bottomless food down, and it sounds like the Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners price was just right too (which is important on crazy expensive Hawaii!)

Anyway, today at an antique mall I was casually flipping through a stack of boring old postcards, and what did I happen to find?

I have no idea what the date of this postcard is, it's blank and unsent sans postmark, but looks to be either 60's or early 70's by my retro lovin' eye. So yeah, Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners looks pretty good too: cool kitschy restaurant front, and fun interior buffet. If anyone has any Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners memories they'd like to share --especially people from Hawaii-- let's hear about it! Because of course, I'm curious about Flamingo Chuckwagon Dinners!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Girl Watcher: Illustrative Excerpts

A handful of sexy / funny articles from my recently aquired copy of Girl Watcher (March 1959) magazine, with examples highlighting a variety of incredibly cute, even beautiful artwork styles. Though not very PC, I'm sure some of you will still find something to smile about, just as much as there are those who will likely find something to frown about in this day and age, I'm afraid...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Girlwatcher Guide to Paris

It's been about 20 years since I was last in Paris, but I do remember quite fondly that everything in today's wonderfully illustrated, two page spread (that I've kindly edited into one image) from the March 1959 issue of Girlwatcher is 100% accurate concerning the lovely ladies of that fine, fair city. Click the image below to enlarge it, and look it over very closely, and very carefully-- and if you've been to Paris, tell me I am not correct! ;)

I really do wish this magazine had artist credits, because it is seriously jammed packed with so much fun and sexy art, and I will be scanning more from it over the next few posts for you-- including some of the gorgeous girlie photos! On a side note: we at AEET are very sad about recent developments with the fire at Notre Dame, and want all Parisians to know that our hearts are with you.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

What's on HBO? (May 1984)

May is just a few weeks away and I thought I'd give you all a heads up to what's on the old HBO schedule next month so you have time to plan accordingly! Twilight Zone the Movie! Brainstorm! Get Crazy! War Games! The Thing! Hollywood Knights! King of Comedy! Stoned! Chevy Chase Meets the Kids! Wait a sec... whaaaat? Ohhh, this is an old HBO guide from 1984. And just one of actually around a dozen of these I have from the 80's that I will be more than happy to share with you all if you're interested. A lot of these films were first viewed by me on cable tv, so it's a lot of fun to revisit these guides and be reminded what it was like to be 16 again.

And don't forget to order your copy of Rich Hall's SNIGLETS book (see page 23.) Anybody else totally love Not Necessarily the News?

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Hi-Jinks Fixer Upper

This classic cover illustration from the June 1925 issue of Hi-Jinks Volume 1 #1 has been making the tumblr rounds lately, and every time I see it I think it's a really cute, interesting image-- but why oh why those damn duck sized lips and nasty nostrils?! So, with a little bit of photoshoppery, (and the addition of a boob that seems strangely absent from the open top original), I went to work:



I'm not saying I totally improved it, (although bare breasts do have a habit of achieving a certain something extra special whenever possible), but maybe, just maybe, I've helped her look a little more cute 'n pixie-ish whilst flying around on that crazy wasp-butterfly-- and a lot less like a snotty, drunken barfly who can't find her way out of the tavern bathroom at 3am. Hey, maybe that's what the artist originally was going for in the first place-- who knows?

See more from this great old time magazine by clicking HERE! It's full of funny jokes, poems, stories, wonderful photos, and lots of lovely cartoon illustrations, (courtesy of

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Keeping in tune with the 1930's - 40's vibe of our last post, how about some sexy fun from comic artist / fashion designer, Gladys Parker's fiesty lil cutie patootie-- Mopsy, as she tries her dainty hand at acting, and also landing herself a fisherman! Plus, bonus paper doll pages!

Gladys Parker (1934)

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Fun with Vamps-- and More Vamps!

Actually it's Fun with a Pencil, a "how to draw" book by Andrew Loomis, and first published in 1939. I found this for a quarter the other day at a salvation army style store and immediately grabbed it, not only for the fun art styles inside, but also because I know this book in hardcover format can actually fetch some pretty penny prices on eBay. Lots of basic, illustrative ground is covered in 120 pages, and whether or not "everyone" can actually "easily" draw when you reach the end of the book remains to be seen. There's a variety of styles depicted as well, funny, cartoony, realistic etc... but my favorites are from the few pages I've posted below.