Friday, April 27, 2012

The Girl's Locker Room

From two girlie toy posts in a row, to today's nipple squirtin' men's novelty gag-- you can always count on AEET to deliver unto thee thy assorted awesomes! Okay, this thing would be even more awesome if it actually still worked (and if her ankle wasn't busted), but none the less, it's still a fun example of the low-fi adult water toys that once populated head shops and Spencer's Gift stores 30+ years ago. I've included scans of all sides of her box, (including the instructions), then I whipped out my spy camera for some va-va-voom voyeur shots. Peeking! Plus, as if a naked girl in a locker room isn't rad enough, an unexpected guest popped in for some beachy sun 'n fun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

(My Merry) Bride of Frankenstein

In our last post you saw my Pussy Meow, now today I'm more than happy (as a man) to share with you my other favorite girlie toy. Yes, My Merry jumped the shark in 1964 with an extremely fun, over the top Bride of Frankenstein paper doll set. This huge, 15 inch tower of terror comes packaged in a haunted house window, complete with the inside story about how she became "The Bride" (and with photos to prove it!) Our dream ghoul comes heavily stocked with an outrageous wardrobe of dress for every occasion (unfortunately I am missing a few shoes and a hat or two.) No matter how well you dress this charmin' mess, she'll still send a shiver and a giggle up and down your spine!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Pussy Meow

Pussy Meow was a toy made by REMCO in 1966. She's the loveable kitty friend to a poodle named TV Jones, and each stand about 9-inches tall with movable legs and rooted hair. They also feature "magic buttons" on their chests that when pushed make their heads slightly turn. They're packaged in neato plastic red / blue and pink / blue television shaped cases, and apparently extra carded outfits and assessories were available (find out more HERE!) I picked this up at a toy show last year, and even though I'm a dude and this is obviously a girl toy, I love her just the same as my monsters and Shogun Warriors.

Isn't she mewtiful?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy's Rock Jokes '78

From "the magazine that dares to be dumb" comes Crazy's Rock Jokes, "guaranteed to make you roll in the aisles", written and illustrated (cover art too) by Paul Lalkin, from the August 1978 issue of Crazy #41... there's a few gems here, mostly posting this for the KISS imagery.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Artist's Sketch Pad '56: Joyce Ballantyne

I purchased my first, and certainly not last, Artist's Sketch Pad / calendar (Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul, MINN 1956) today at a local antique show. Being a huge fan of Joyce Ballantyne I couldn't pass it up, even at the hefty price the seller was asking. I spent most of the day photographing her incredibly attractive images because the overall size of the calendar eclipses my scanner. I wanted to show these stunning works of art at a larger size than the American Art Archives has them posted (see HERE for more), my apologies for any quality issues.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Liddle Red Riding Hiddle

From 1966 to 1970, Mattel had a superbly designed line of adorable miniature girl's toys called Liddle Kiddles, (find out more about them HERE!) Particularly cool and collectable, right after the Animiddles, Kozmic, Kola and Zoolery Kiddles, was the Storybook Kiddle line that also came with fairytale props and a cutely illustrated storybook. After you read the story scans below, you can find out more about these great toys HERE!