Friday, November 25, 2016

The Tunnel of Lost Toys

Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Tunnel of Lost Toys is a cute little story published by Bobs-Merrill Company in 1980, where human girl Marcella drags her two stuffed pals out for an exciting afternoon at the amusement park! Of particular note is the wonderfully illustrated, mid book sequence that takes place inside a spooky "dark" boat ride (you'll have to find a copy to read exactly what happens, cuz I hate to give away the fun), but here's the entire part that features the monsters and pirates! Enjoy! (Illustrations by Vernon McKissack)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Are You in the Know?

Are your velvet duds date-worthy? Does your noggin have news appeal? Are you a coquette videot lassie with a bugeteen buxom chassis? Well, don't just sit there like some damsel in distress-- whip out this handy dandy, helpful booklet from the Kimberly-Clark (Kotex) Corporation (1956), and put an end to those clammy hands and king size tootsies once and for all! That's right, you don't have to look like a BBQ'd lobster cuz it's all here... well, to be honest, it's half here in the last half of this booklet, because some prior jilted Jane scribbled all over the first half making some of it unbloggable. So we're unfortunately skipping the etiquette and dating chapters, and diving right into the grooming and fashion, plus a little bit of this 'n' that instead. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine with it. And god, you know what would REALLY make America great again? If people started talking in the voice this booklet was written in, it's so incredibly funny, as lines like "You break away from the babushkas... wow your cellmates with a whammy chapeau!", will most certainly leave all you Tiny Tess's higher than your squire, and bonin' up on your etc etc etcs... yep, it's confidence in capsules, chums!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Last of the vintage Halloween cards from my personal collection, this one produced by Gibson in the 60's is a very fun and very colorful tri-fold full of super painted spookiness! Happy Halloween!