Monday, February 26, 2024


If you've been having as much trouble with your brassiere lately as I have, then this Renu-Back elastic, adjustable bra-extender might just be the thing you're looking for. Or maybe you're just into really attractive good-girl art gracing old time lady undergarment packaging. To be honest, the second I picked this thing up I thought it looked a lot like the risqué underground fetish style "Nights of Horror" banned booklet art that Joe Schuster was producing in the early 50's.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Food is More Fun with... Wine

Here are a handful of wonderful key art examples found in the neat little midcentury booze booklet, "Food is more fun with... Wine," courtesy of Italian Swiss Colony California Wines. Basically a "cooking with" type recipe collection, the real highlight here are the adorable puppet couple (made of cork, no less!) featured throughout on most of the pages and intermingling with the various subject matter. No artist credit is given anywhere in the booklet, unfortunately. The female of the two wins by a landslide though as far as immensely interesting goes, so I'm focusing this post on her and leaving the dopey dude hanging on a dark shelf back in the cupboard. Sorry dude!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

"Prowling Peril"

We haven't had a weird Werewolf Wednesday prowlin' around these AEET parts in quite a while, so let's check in with the rip snortin' Riverdale gang in their new loony location high up in the Carpushian Mountains. It's a kooky, two-part, monster mash of the hairiest scariest order, and from the October 1978 issue of Life with Archie #198.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Giddy Up!

What a cool find-- it's a dainty 4" tall, lead figure cowgirl a'rearin' up her stallion, and low 'n behold--she's even painted a bit on the saucy side! There's been quite a bit of paint loss on her over the years, and the same can be said for her rip roarin' ride. Apparently from the 1930's too, there's even a neat little piece of very thin, bent wire that simulates her lasso! You brave, young painters out there will likely tell me to "touch her up", and I'm thinking her face could absolutely use a quick make-over. It might even be extra saucy to get rid of those slap-dash black clothes of hers altogether and just have her truly bare-back ridin'! Giddy up Up UP, indeed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

You Can Be My Boa Any Time

Like every year for the past 15 years, I had a bunch of those cute, vintage kiddie Valentine cards to share. But then a few days ago I found this sinsational homemade sentiment postmarked "1977" and oddly tucked in an old book I had recently purchased (and to say it trumped all other planned post items for today is really putting it mildly!) Unfolding it slowly, --and popping a few staples in the process!!! --I had a deep down feeling this wasn't going to be any ordinary, sappy Valentine. Three folds later I was proven quite correct with a bit of sexy double entendre accompanying a sizzling image: "You can be my boa any time..." she whispers from her soft bed of pillows, draped in nothing but a feather boa. (Names have been blurred to protect the not-so-innocent...)

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lady Mayfair Lips

Candy has always been a huge part of Valentine's Day, and what better way to celebrate your lustful hunger for love than with a titanic tin overflowing with toffees and chocolates! Even better when the emphasis of the midcentury English product name is focused on madame mascot's lips which fantastically form into the very first letter of the popular candy brand name-- in this case, Mayfair! Mmmm, ain't she sweet? Tastes just like chocolate! I've been looking for this tin for years, so how perfectly poetic to finally find one in the same week as Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Paperweight of Love

Valentine's Day is exactly a week away, so lets switch gears a bit from strippers under clear plastic, to something a little more old fashioned, romantic, and under glass. This is one of the most beautiful paperweights I've ever seen, and depicts two lovers from long ago about to engage in some Victorian style smoochin' while surrounded by actual real encased items such as dried flowers, lace ribbon, and what appears to be either a small piece of braided rope, or possibly even hair (really hoping it's the latter!) A wonderful little scene presented with a great sense of color variety, depth, and textured detail. Slightly difficult to photograph from certain side angles, the polished glass is still quite clear, and the bottom side (not pictured) is covered in a piece of soft black felt. There isn't much information about anything similar to this online, but I was told that it was tagged as being from the early 1900's. Anyone know for sure?

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

And now back to our regularly scheduled nudity...

I hinted at more stripper kitsch in my Penthouse Pets Swizzle Stick post last week (HERE), and these old "floaty" ink pens were exactly what I was talking about. Each pen includes two different ladies, and when you hold the pen upside down their little black one piece bikini "floats" away, leaving them naked as jaybirds. I edited the before and after images together because attempting to film a clip, as usual, is quite difficult with the size and endless curvature glare factors. The black and white pens work perfectly though, I assure you, unfortunately the red pen float technology no longer functions properly, and the girls are left exactly as you see them in their single, uncovered image. I'm not sure why I said "unfortunately" there...