Thursday, January 30, 2014


"Uninhibited" adult cocktail napkins from Cobean by Bernad of Mount Vernon NY (1951) featuring a silly assortment of saucy illustrated dirty drink hilarity, snuggly packed in a sturdy red box, and readay to partay! I'm not exactly sure how many actual different napkin gags were included because my found set unfortunately only has 3 styles left-- but there are a few others teased on the box lid (so maybe I'm only missing two) --anyway, I've scanned what I have, as well as all sides of the wonderfully designed box art.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Mansion Monster

Everyone's favorite poor little rich boy meets a jolting Jekyll and Hyde scenario in this freaky fun concoction from the April 1972 issue of Harvey Comics' Giant Size Richie Rich Success Stories #43. Golly, where's Little Dot when we need her?!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

STL Quality

Quality Dairy Co., Inc. based in north St. Louis MO county, published this cool booklet in 1954 to promote their vast array of dairy products-- from milk, to salad dressing, to lemonade, to something called fondalac, and more! Of course it's also a superbly illustrated recipe book too, as seen in the lovely and colorful select scans below. I'm not sure if Quality Dairy is still in business or not, a quick internet search seemed to produce zero related results except for vintage product items like bottles and packaging for sale on ebay. Still, if you have a hankerin for some quality spumone or Golden Flake cottage cheese, pick up the phone and dial Evergreen 1-6000 anyway-- you might get lucky :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Parties in Motion

A wonderfully illustrated party booklet jam packed with amazing ideas and recipes "for the soaring 60's", published by the United States Brewers Association, specifically for people who enjoy beer. There's certainly no end to the fun featured here, whether soaking up some rays at the Beach House Party, or adding some pupu to your Polynesian Party --I for one am a fan of the oven fried chicken HoeDown! (PS: If anyone can unearth a link or download to the 13 minute 16mm motion picture "Parties That Soar" as mentioned in the last scan, please add it to the comments here-- THANKS!)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blood on the Backhoe!

Aka: Loader / Backhoe Safety Manuel for operators and mechanics, courtesy of Industrial & Construction Equipment Division of Chicago IL, and published in 1975-- this booklet reads like pre code horror comic of mangled death and destruction, as we follow a poor cartoon character through a series of wrongs and rights (mostly wrongs) that would make even Mr. Bill run for the hills screaming. Seriously, who knew there were so many ways to meet your maker by simply working on or around one of these machines?! Carefully read over the selected highlights presented to you today below, and for god's sake-- BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!