Tuesday, December 31, 2013

They Dwell Among Us (Twilight Zone)

For some, New Years Eve means a night on the town, wining and dining and rowdy, frigid, ball droppin' rock 'n roll parties in the street. For others it means staying in all quiet and cozy and tuning into the SyFy Channel for their yearly Twilight Zone marathon. So maybe after you've been 1.) threatened to death by Talking Tina, 2.) served man as a midnight snack, and / or 3.) finally realized Number 12 looks just like you, head on back over here to AEET for They Dwell Among Us, a creepy little tale (with fine art by Don Heck and Mike Peppe), about super science and scary sorcery merged in a world seemingly not yet ready for either.

From the August 1965 issue of The Twilight Zone #12.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

L'Amour LaMerrier! (ADULTS ONLY!)

A mini adult joke book from 1964-- it looks more like a Xerox fanzine and is stamped to sell for 25 cents, but it contains 155 "gags for giggles" and 55 "cartoons for laffs" (no artistic credits listed anywhere) --below is a handful of sexy 'n silly highlights, scanned at 300%.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cookies Galore / Happy Holidays

Illustration highlights from two 1950's cook books, General Food's Cookies Galore from 1956, and Karo Syrup / Mazola Corn Oil's Recipes for Happy Holidays and "Goodies for Giving" (unfortunately, no artistic credit listed for either.) The artwork from the Cookies Galore booklet is fairly small so I blew the images up a bit more than the lovely chapter header art from the other booklet-- both are vastly different in style and terrifically entertaining in their own right, though both books of course contain delicious recipes and even some fun photography.