Friday, September 30, 2022

70's Ben Cooper Indian Wig

Halloween month is just one day away, and we're still thinking about what our costume will be come October 31st. Now my gal Mandy (the mannequin) is thinking about being either a Dutch Girl, or even Pocahontas! Good thing we found this ratty old, flame retarded (sic) Ben Cooper wig that can double as either. "Realistically styled" it says, --why, you could even somehow be a pirate in this thing if you wanted to! So now that we have the hairibble, errr I mean, terrible hairdo figured out, all that's left is the rest of the dang costume! Anyone "flowing" this year-- whuuut??!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ris-Gay Garter Gun

When you live in lawless times such as these, only one thing can guarantee your protection-- a Ris-Gay Gun Garter! Load it up with caps, or use it in the age-old way of visually distractin' a vicious varmit's braincells with just the flashy lift of a skirt-- either way you'll disable that danger in no time! My gal, Mandy Moonshine returns to show you how it's done (see the final image below) with another kitschy fun 1960's novelty gag gift --and with a truly cute cartoon mascot, to boot!

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Vintage Japanese Pepsi Can

Stumbled upon a vintage Japanese Pepsi can from the late 70's / early 80's last week. Iconic American product logos always look extra interesting to me presented in foreign languages, though if for some reason you miss the original version of it, just turn the can around. One other neato difference is that the can tab pops open from the bottom instead of the top. Anyone know why?

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Millie the Model in the Haunted House

A really funny Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo team-up can be found in the April 1955 issue of Mille the Model Comics #59, where everyone's favorite fashion model is up to her pampered armpits in the supernatural --while on a photo shoot in a haunted house! Ghosts 'n giggles and gorgeous gams galore-- what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, how about some extra spicy Chili!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Flip-Teez 2: South Sea Lula

Some of you may recall my previous Flip-Teez post back in June of 2021 (CLICK HERE if you missed it!) and surprise surprise-- I found another one! Now todays lovely young island girl comes all the way from the simmering south seas, to hula her heavenly way into your heart while oh so slowly removing one article of clothing at a time-- mahalo! Newbies should definitely refer to the other post for the full, origin details on this war time era bit of adults only, celluloid flippin' fun...

Monday, September 12, 2022

Universal Pictures Monster Wallet

Speaking of Frankenstein, I stumbled upon one of those ultra rare 60's Universal Pictures Monster wallets last weekend. Double sided with Frankie on one, and the Phantom of the Opera on the other, with a nice snap-strap to keep your cash 'n cards sealed up tighter than a coffin, --this one even still has the original plastic, multi photo holder, plus, a fun little magic slate so you can also draw your favorite horrors anytime you wish! Check out the original ad image at the end of the post to see the other neato wallet combo creatures, not to mention the thrilling 3D wall plaques also produced by SPP (Standard Plastic Products, Inc.) around the same time era.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Head of Frankenstein

Here's a fun, life-sized Frankenstein monster head light I found the other day, made of a lightweight, but sturdy styrofoam type painted material. Produced by Trendmasters in 1993, and with a single electric cord hanging from the bottom of his decapitated noggin', just plug him in and watch his eyes and mouth light up. He reminds me of Frankie from the Groovy Goolies a little, I guess mostly because of that cartoonish expression on his ugly mug, as well as the single tooth jutting up from his lower jaw.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Mandy Moonshine in a Mountain Dew Hillbilly Hat

Imagine my mind explodin' last week after finding not only another beautiful midcentury mannequin, but also an original 50's or 60's Mountain Dew hillbilly advertising hat-- and both at the same antique mall! And here they are together, the magnificent mannequin modeling MD's Willie the Hillbilly mascot hat from all angles, (as well as the crocheted lingerie onesie I also found for her that day --the wig, choker, and other assorted jewelry were all purchased elsewhere on another day.) I'm not sure who produced this mannequin, but a few expert friends o'mine have suggested she might be a Darlings Display, or even a Vivante. Anyhoot, she looks quite fetchin' in that feather 'n felt, Ozarky mountain cap, complete with the original, vintage Mountain Dew iron-on logo, and some colorful, quick-fix patches-- because ya know life is hard in them thar hills! It all brings'ta mind a lovely lil Al Capp Dogpatch lass, so yes, I'm namin' her Mandy Moonshine! Anyway, I believe the hat was a mail-away offer prize, or a grocery store give-away, or maybe even both. There were also other variations of the hat available: one floppy 'n brimless and minus the feather, as well as a straw hat version to boot!

Saturday, September 3, 2022

60's Collegeville Sylvester Costume

At some point the month of September just sort of became "Intro to October", because everywhere you go you can already find tons of great Halloween stuff both new and (more importantly), old! And this Octember it only makes sense that I begin rabidly bumping up my antique mall travel rounds and start unearthing those early bird specials --before someone else beats me to 'em! So a few weeks ago I found a great pair of vintage Sylvester Cat earrings, and as luck would have it, my first really great, complete vintage kiddie Halloween costume find for 2022 is the same insufferably silly WB character courtesy of 60's Collegeville costumes! Very good condition all around, from the colorful box, to the super fun mask and slightly off-model frock smock design. Yep, you taught you taw a putty tat --and there he is! Also found an interesting trio of loose masks too: a Chinese princess, plus a cartoon dog I recognize but can't quite place his name, as well as a skeleton mask which I already have, but this one is in much better condition. Anyway, it's Saturday, so I'm off on my doublin' down rounds in search of more More MORE!! Stay tombed...