Monday, March 28, 2022

Barbie Sings! + Colorforms Dress-Up Set

We wandered into the realm of the gruesome supernatural for the last few posts, now it's time to sashay into something a bit more on the sunny side of blondes. The 8-page, Barbie Sings! record was a fun sing 'n read book from 1961, loaded with beautiful artwork and 6 great songs --which you can listen to right HERE! And be sure to CLICK HERE to see the original TV commercial, it's super cute and features some nifty animation too! And if that's not enough, how about a peek at the Barbie Dress-Up Colorforms set from 1977! Who says Barbie ain't for boys?

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Closed Casket Zombies

On the final day of HAASHOW 2022, I decided I wasn't leaving the convention without a couple more creepy display masks (see previous post HERE if you missed it!) I mean, if the devilish Zagone Studios duo weren't terrifying enough for ya, how about these two wonderfully disgusting dead dudes from Closed Casket Studios! Good lord-- *choke! Closed Casket always has some of the most seriously insane, top of the line designs, and I adore their agonizing attention to realistic detail. Our first fiend, "Marrow" seems straight out of a Bernie Wrightson illustration, and aside from having a sorrowful skin condition, he also seems to be having one eerily eternal bad hair day! Now our moldier chum on the right, cleverly named "Mourning Breath", not only also has his eye on you, but his tear-away face just demands that you crawl right up to him (into his crypt) and give him a great big kiss! *smack! Ferociously fun, and gorgeously gruesome, --you can find out more about Close Casket Studios by CLICKING HERE, and stay tombed for rots more... errr, lots more HAASHOW highlights, right here at AEET, as well as over at THOIA as I get the mountain of photos organized...

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Red Lucifer vs. The Countess (Zagone Studios)

HAASHOW 2022 creepy-crawled its way into STL again this year, with 4 fright-filled days of Halloween and haunted attraction awesomeness. Masks, props, animatronics, tee shirts, FX accessories, basically anything and everything gruesome and newsome that puts the big scream into the salivating scare industry. And once again, legendary Zagone Studios was on hand with their killer assortment of incredibly well made, and affordably fun, latex face masks. And boy, was I ever happy to finally pick up a couple of their recent, very limited Collector Edition masks based on original designs from the late 70's: a sinsational Red Lucifer mask, (which I've always wanted since I was a kid), as well as the gorgeously ghastly, hooded variation of The Countess. When these first came out in the 70's (see the very last image at the end of this post) The Countess was actually called "Vampira" and sported a not too flattering head of curly hair. I have to say I like her a lot better in an evil hood! Red Lucifer was also available in a bad ass black variation, --which is actually the one I remember, but I totally think the red version is way hotter! Both masks are hand made and painted by Anthony Zagone, and come with an initialized header card, also by the main man himself! I'm heading back to HAASHOW today to see what other horrifyin' things I can scare up! Stay tombed for more related posts here at AEET --and of course over at THOIA too!

Friday, March 11, 2022

Dorothy Lamour, Jungle Princess

Worked out a big trade a few months back with a fellow collector and scored some very nice, vintage Dorothy Lamour themed items: a beautiful cover painting issue of Hollywood magazine from October 1937, as well as one of the nicely done Portal Publications re-issue posters (from either the 60's or 70's) for Lamour's classic film adventure, The Jungle Princess (1936.) This is extra nice because it's awesomely mounted on a big 'ol sturdy hunk of wood. And to keep the Lamour alive, let's also take a look at a fun comic book adventure of hers illustrated by Wally Wood from the August 1950 issue of Dorothy Lamour #3, --where she takes on hungry crocs, shitty men, and an evil Pharoah's daughter!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Return of the 1920's Boudoir Lamp Dolls (PART TWO)

Following-up the previous post HERE with the other 1920's antique boudoir doll parts I purchased with the redhead, and this time we have a blonde, and though she is missing her clothing and inner lamp frame / electrical bits, she's still pretty wonderful none the less. A very cute, old-timey painted face (similar to my Munzerlite boudoir doll HERE,) and a truly lovely head of hair, blondie is in overall very good condition aside from a few fingers missing on her left hand. Her hips are labeled "Biskeloid" which I know nothing about. I do hope to find her a pretty outfit, something fashionably correct to her own time era ASAP, --I mean, it is still winter here in the midwest after all!

Friday, March 4, 2022

Return of the 1920's Boudoir Lamp Dolls (PART ONE)

If you remember my Munzerlite Boudoir Doll post from a few years back (CLICK HERE for it, as well as bit more info if you're unfamiliar with these antique beauties), then you'll be pleased to know that I recently acquired a few more of them, (thank you Brad!) And since finding the first one back in 2020, I have become a bit more knowledgable about them than the write-up in my other post proposes. Annnnd also, following up on the heels of the laughable claims made in the comments of my previous KISS dolls post that "dolls are only for girls" -- I, being a 53 year old, straight male with a very hefty doll (and mannequin) collection, would now like to show you photos of my most recent boudoir babe discovery. She's a little over 15" tall, with a typically lovely sad/smirk painted composite face, plus a delicate crown of pink roses placed upon her head which truly accent her gorgeous, real red hair. She seems rather nouveau regal, or religious, --or both, doth she not? Her fantastically designed, flower-lined and billowing dress is a bit on the faded side with a few stains, but being nearly 100 years old, I'd say it's all still in very good condition considering. Similar to my other boudoir dolls, she also has metal arms that connect to her torso by strands of bendable wire. And that my friends, is pretty much all there is to her, because underneath the dress she is nothing more than a basic metal wire shaped frame that holds electrical parts for the lightbulb and wiring. I'm positive if this thing was ever plugged in it would instantly catch fire, so yeah, don't ask if I've plugged her in yet. Come back in a few days for PART TWO to see the other boudoir doll that I also just picked up. Stay tuned...