Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Hole in the Hill

If you're like me and prefer to spend your New Years Eve inside watching old movies or reading a good book, (and believe me I really have no choice this year as my entire state of Missouri is practically submerged underwater as I type this!), then I do believe I have picked the perfect tale just for you! The Hole in the Hill by Marion Seyton is a fun little story published in 1960 by Follett (as part of their wonderful "Beginning-To-Read" series) and features super cute cave-people and animal art by Leonard Shortall. Please excuse the condition and dirtiness of some of the pages, this book has seen it all-- it's one of the most loved books in my collection after all!

HAPPY NEW YEARS, everyone... see ya's in 2016 with lots more AEET awesomeness :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Golden Magazine Christmas Annual '66

Just a few highlights from Golden Magazine's Christmas Annual 1966 issue, (featuring a sort "best of" from individual monthly issues going as far back a 1947) --over 100 pages of crafty fun, games, and everything christmas cheery! I recommend you find yourself a copy of this if you love incredible holiday inspired artwork! If I have time this week I'll have more from this issue up next...


Friday, December 18, 2015

Playboy Club, London '66

There's a fantastic two page spread illustration by Arnold Roth in the Winter 1966 issue of VIP - The Playboy Club Mag #12, showing all 5 levels of the infamous nightspot at 45 Park Lane in "misty but swinging London." So much fun detail here that I had to scan it very large so you guys could really take in all the amazing teeny awesomeness packed in every room. The illustration is sort of backwards when it comes to posting scans, so to begin your own journey into the club, you actually need to start at the bottom right corner of the second scan below, and work your way back up to the top left of the first scan. If you get lost then you better just call your mommy.

Anyway, not only is London misty and swinging, it's pretty damn cold too-- so first thing I'm doing when I get inside level one is make my way to The Nook to warm my buns by that cozy fireplace! Heading to the second level, Cartoon Corner Casino sounds fun, but I'm not really a gambler, so it's a quick jet over to the ultra vibratey Discotheque to totally get my groovez on!

After working up an awesome appetite, let's see what the witch is brewing up in the kitchen on the level 3 (love the rabbity chef hat!) --and hello, what's this? Are my eyes deceiving me? I say old chap, it's dinner with The Beatles in the VIP Room!! Only in London- WOW! More live music and bunny snugglin' on level 4 in the Playroom Cabaret, and then ultimately tis time to finish out my evening with an investigative tour of the Bunny Dressing Room on the 5th level-- you know, to find my lost cat (*wink!) So what do you think? Did we make the most of our trip to London's very own Playboy Club? What are your plans there this evening? :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Xmas Femlins

We're still trying to muster up some xmas cheer here at AEET, and maybe all it takes is a little bit of sexiness to bring us around to our festive holiday senses! Those naughty lil Playboy Femlins certainly know how to put a smile on a guy's face, so over the next few posts we'll see what else this Winter '66 issue of VIP (the Playboy Club Mag) has to offer in lifting our seasonal "spirits!"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Spooken 2

Back in October I posted a spooky joke (HERE) which contained a "spooken to" punchline that everybody must've really thought was knee-slappin' hilarious back in the day. So hilarious in fact, that I've stumbled upon two late 60's Halloween greeting cards that, aside from containing some really incredible artwork, also contain the infamous "spooken to" punchline! Jeez, talk about giggle gag overkill! And are we at AEET also responsible for flogging a ghostly dead horse by continuing to post Halloween stuff in December? If you said "yes" then I guess you don't know me very well...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goblin Gun Hunting Game (Halloween Card)

I stumbled upon an amazing stack of old Halloween cards at the antique mall the other day, and after buying 'em all up before I even realized how much money I was spending, I soon discovered this one from Hallmark is my hands down favorite of the batch! The previous owner of said card, "Andy" was even nice enough to write the date of "1969" on the back of this punch-out / shooting game which features some really neat artwork with a highly original target / scoring concept-- perfect for the monster kid inside of you who loves taking pot-shots at goblins with a goblin gun!

***NOTE to Facebookers, Tumblrs, Pinteresters, etc., please remember to link back to this blog if you share my images on your page or in your image groups. I've been seeing a lot of my stuff lately with no credit given to my scan origins... please do not force me to start watermarking my images. Thank you! --Mr. Karswell

Monday, November 30, 2015

Frighten Mr. Milktoast

Was Halloween 2015 really a whole month ago??? Where does time go?! Even with the taste of Thanksgiving still in our mouths, and visions of xmas sugarplums dancing just on the horizon it's hard to bid farewell to the best holiday of them all for another whole year. I say it all the time over at my other blog, but it's certainly true-- "Everyday is Halloween" for some of us, but for others let me remind you with todays post of spooky fun highlights from the October 1960 issue of Humpty Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children. Please do your part to help keep those Halloween Hell fires burning bright all year long with games, songs, crafts, costumes, masks!!!, and general monster madness-- your neighborhood witches, ghosts, and black cats are counting on you!