Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Dish Chef Apron Art / BBQ Ash Tray

While we're winter BBQin' I thought I'd share the art details of my fancy chef apron. All of the images below (except for the ad at the end) are collaged together on it, the Hot Dish Chef himself as the centerpiece and the girls all dancing around him. I spent a great deal of time isolating each image and photoshopping out overlap and stains so you could really dig the awesomeness of my fantastic foody fashion. The green "Heat Kit" devil is printed on the pocket at the top above the chef. Apparently, this apron also came with a chef hat, which has sadly gone MIA. And no, I don't actually wear the apron while cooking, (it is half a century old after all), but I do get it out every once in awhile and put it on and dance around on my deck with tongs in one hand and a Diet Mountain Dew in the other. Great art featured on it; the dish dames fit on my scanner fine enough, unfortunately the chef is a bit on the large / eclipse side of things so I had to piece him together-- maybe this summer I'll give you all a picture of me wearing it! Also today at AEET, an old 50's ad for a BBQ ash tray-- while smoking is of course the most UNCOOL thing ever, this ash tray is in fact the COOLEST thing. EVER. Gimme.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Year Round Picnic Fare, and More!

Winter time may not stop me from BBQin', but it certainly puts a damper on the picnikin'! This gorgeously illustrated booklet from the National Dairy Council (1959) can at least keep us in the spirit of outdoor chow-a-thons, while also displaying fabulous illustrations, color, and design. I rounded the post out with some additional fine booklet cover art from my collection, all published around the same era, and all featuring that great sense of mid century style that I love so much.

Haunted Horror / Rondo Awards 2012

As HAUNTED HORROR #3 hits stores on 02-27-2013, it's been announced that our series has also been nominated for a 2012 RONDO AWARD for BEST HORROR COMIC BOOK! Take a second and give it vote, --and don't forget to vote for everyone's favorite horror comic book blog-- THE HORRORS OF IT ALL (which is, in case you didn't know my other blog), and has once again been nominated for the 5th year in a row-- THANKS!

Click HERE to vote!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Extravagant Mohair Valentine

More 1960's and 70's Valentine greeting card art fun-- cuz YOU asked for it-- a nice range of colors and textures and pop-ups and fold-outs and die-cuts and varied illustrative styles (not to mention a cheeky sense of humor in a few of them!) I may have one more VD post this month; it's hard to not just post everything when I drag it all out every year, and I always feel bad for the cards that I didn't scan this time, but hope to get to next year...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jag Gags

Here's a handful of one panel funny gags from the same two issues of Jaguar Magazine that I featured in our last post. Funny, minimal, loose art stylings from Charlie Dennis and Mike Birzon, while the full color image below signed "Bob" is aka Bob Powell, per Mike Howlett's astounding knowledge on these Myron Fass men's magazines-- get more info on this subject HERE. And to see more Jaguar Bond action and gags, check out Sam "Magic Whistle" Henderson's comment in the previous post HERE, Sam shared some great 60's Jaguar scans on his blog too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jaguar Bond, Agent 0069

ADULTS ONLY POST! Jaguar was a cool 60's men's magazine published 9 times a year out of NYC, and like most mags of the type from this era it featured articles, interviews, short fiction, lovely naked ladies, and in the case of today's AEET post, the hilarious comic book adventures of their hairy, in heat mag mascot himself-- Jaguar Bond, Agent 0069 from O.R.G.I.E., (or occasionally just Orgy.) Here are two nicely illustrated, cleverly scripted examples for you, one from the January 1966 issue, and one from March 1969. Yes, it's not Little Annie Fanny, but it's still a blast... artist info, anyone? Other Jaguar fun from these issues coming up next!