Monday, September 29, 2014

KC Key '71

We're ready to travel back in time once again for a retro night on the town, --coordinates set to the dawning Age of Aquarius, KC, October 1971! And lucky for us we have a copy of the Kansas City Key tourist guide to sightseeing, events, restaurants and just about anything considered all round general fun, um, in general. Okay. Three things I enjoy: musicals, sizzling' meat, and naked ladies --so first up let's let the sun shine in with the rock musical HAIR at the Capri! Afterwords, I suggest we head on down to Steaktown at the Plaza III (I like mine rare, please, with a loaded baked potato!) And for dessert, how about some tempt tasting eye candy strip-o-rama girlesk revue action at the Yum-Yum! There's lots more to do and see and eat in KC as well, so plan your night NOW!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Figure Studies"

The February 1970 issue of Modern Photography Vol. 34 #2 has a dandy assortment of adverts in the back pages offering fabulous, magnificent, exotic, alluring, and glamorous mail order "figure studies." And what better subject, I ask, is there for serious, artistic / photographic study? Indeed! Printed stills, slides, 8mm film, --why, figures even come on a 2 x 3 foot poster if I so desire!

Time to get studying!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Care and Feeding of Color Film

I recently picked up a neat stack of 60's photography magazines, each one loaded with stunning photos, and helpful hints on how to take a better pic --and we'll see some attractive examples in an upcoming post. But as much as I love photography, I have to admit to loving cartoony key art from this era more, as seen in this article by David B. Eisendrath, Jr., the apparent noted authority on film protection. Notes against heat, cold storage, causes of faulty color, deterioration, processing, etc... it's all here, and when paired with awesome illustrations by John Seneres, it suddenly becomes worthy of an AEET post (I especially love the use of a vampire as a symbol of how to completely drain the life right out of your color film, ha!) I rounded out the post with some fun ads from the back of the mag, everything here being from the July 1960 issue of Popular Photography Vol. 47 #1.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Coming Shortage of Women

One more post from the pages of the March 1965 issue of Pageant magazine (see our last two posts for more), and this is a funny, MAD style illustrated article called "The Coming Shortage of Women" (oh no!) written by Sy Reit and highlighted by the usual top notch art stylings of the one and only Wally Wood. Hope everyone enjoyed this glimpse into the world of Pageant.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pageant Pretties

More tasty tidbits from the March 1965 issue of Pageant, (see our last post HERE for more), and among the grim articles concerning botulism, suicide, impotence, and ex-cons, there are a handful of gorgeous glimpses into the wondrous worlds of actresses like Gina "Valley of the Gwangi" Golan, and Gina "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Lollobrigida (yes, double the Gina action!) Plus, a cute article on Margaret "The Wicked Witch" Hamilton, and more! There's no shortage of women here at AEET, but in our next post we'll be looking at some petrifying possibilities if there actually was one, --and how art master Wally Wood would depict it! See ya in a few! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pageant's Parade of Life

Wonderful key art highlights from the March 1965 issue of Pageant Vol. 20, No. 9. If you're unfamiliar with Pageant, it's sort of a trashier men's version of Reader's Digest, smaller sized and square bound, but full of sex related articles and eye-poppin' photo lay-outs of scantily clad actresses (coming in our next post!) The various bits below that look like Paul Coker art were printed very small so I've blown them up 600% --because that's what we like to do around here! How gorgeous is that Jackson W. Paine piece? If anyone recognizes any of the other artists, please let us know...