Thursday, October 31, 2019

Scaring Up More Halloween Fun!

We already scared up a lot of fun this month with these Jack and Jill posts, and I think you'll agree that one more J&J post will most certainly send our batty brains right over the top! Please don't freak-out on the overload of Halloween spooks, and haunted houses, and wiggly witches-- it's just the October 1966 issue deliverin' the ghoulish goods with toys and games, stories and poems, and never --I REPEAT-- NEVER overlook the recipes for sandwitches and Black Magic cake!

Have a very happy, fun-filled Halloween tonight everyone!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Scaring Up Some Halloween Fun!

As promised earlier this month, we have more Halloween holiday highlights from Jack and Jill Magazine, and this time from the ominous October 1967 issue! Petrifying poems, scary stories, ghastly games, morbid mask making projects, terrifyingly tasty treats, and more! You've definitely come to the right place if you're still looking for last minute Halloween party ideas, as we'll be scaring up even more Jack and Jill fun in our next post too! See ya in a frightening few...

Monday, October 28, 2019

Where Do I Get My Horrible Ideas? + Baby in a Blender

A few more wonderfully, tasteless pages from the June 1986 issue of National Lampoon Magazine (aka, The Horror and Fantasy Issue), with a super entry (aren't they all?) from the ghoulishly, great, Gahan Wilson. PLUS: a surprise bonus poster!


Friday, October 25, 2019

At the Movies: The Splatter Version + Veep Show

I struggled for a bit about where to post this stuff, here or over at THE HORRORS OF IT ALL, and ultimately decided here was just fine, and then I'd simply link it at the end of the current precode post over at THOIA as well. But this is a great "Horror and Fantasy Issue" from an 80's National Lampoon issue (more coming in the next post as well), and it's not only a super spoof of Siskel and Ebert's "At the Movies", but also on precode horror comics (and presidents) and Creepshow, making it the perfect "thumbs up" must read for this Halloween / politically shit-caked season!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trick Reminder

Here's a little Halloween reminder that "trick or treat" doesn't just mean treats! For some of us, October 31st is all about wranglin' up the sweets with a corny joke-- but maybe it's time to level the leaf covered playing field this year and instead of goofy gags, toilet papering the trees, or soaping up some windows, how about givin' 'em something to really puzzle over! And since it is Halloween (aka Spook Night), you might want to CLICK HERE for some fun 'n easy tricks to really baffle 'em for that Dubble Bubble! Or CLICK HERE for something way more elaborate and extra spooky-- you gotta really impress 'em these days if you wanna snag those FULL-SIZE Snicker bars!

And speaking of tricks, here's an old header card I've had forever for a Wire Puzzler-- scanned in at 600 dpi so we can all marvel at that crazy coloring process up close!

BTW, both posts linked above come courtesy of the AEET 2011 Archive, where, of course, you can always find lots of magical Mr. Karswell kookiness, --since 2010!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Yooooou Whooooo

Another terrific 1960's, Buzza Cardozo Halloween greeting card that I have recently added to my out-of-control collection, --and this one is highlighted by a fun fold-out cape and seriously adorable, double sided artwork. Ain't she cute? Also, all areas in black are flocked 'n fuzzy!

It folds open one more time and the inner text reads:
"Here comes Winnie the Witch in her Halloween hat, on the brim sits an owl, just imagine that! With a jack-o-lantern to light the way, she's heading for your house, with this to say-- BOOOOOO! Happy Halloween!"

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jack in the Box Haunted House Premium (1971)

Time for another holy grail post of something that I recently acquired, --and here it is-- just in time for Halloween! The Jack in the Box Haunted House from 1971 is a fun paper premium featuring a very spooky house with perforated windows that open. You also punch-out the separate character strips containing an assortment of awesomely illustrated ghosts and ghouls (and early 70's Jack in the Box mascots) and feed the strips through the slots on either side of the house; you then line the characters up and see them experiencing fun and terror inside through the window openings (see my close-up photos below.) A simple concept that is simply marvelous fun, even to this day... something fast food chains seem to have completely forgotten about over the years.

Anyone know the name of the artist behind this fab premium? Let me know!