Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Treasure Chests (1969) **ADULTS ONLY!**

We can't seem to post enough bare boobs this month, and hold the phone-- here comes some more (with a twist) that I've recently added to my naughty vintage calendar collection! This whacky novelty gag date keeper from 1969 really pulls a fast one on ya with its silly trick photography --and even sillier attempts at poetry! And man, does anyone else find it titillatingly amazing what they used to be able to do back in those days without Photoshop? haha...

Sunday, June 27, 2021

An Old School Halloween

We're still 126 days away from All Hallow's Eve, but you can already get into the spirit of things with Jason Young’s “An Old School Halloween” digest-sized, square bound, softcover book-- now available! Featuring 195 pages of full-color pix, and loaded with retro Halloween costume history fun: monsters, heroes, tv and cartoon masks, and even a whole chapter at the end devoted to vintage trick 'r treating kid photos— heck, I even made it into the book twice! This collection most definitely gets Mr. Karswell's highest scream of approval! CLICK HERE to order your copy NOW! You can also CLICK HERE for more fine old school halloween costume examples from The Karswell Kollection Archive!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Horrible Harveys House

 One "last gasp" look at underground comics for Friday Frights this month, and just like our last venture into that dimly lit domain of doom, this story comes from the same groundbreaking Skull Comics series, the November 1971 issue of Skull #3 to be exact. A gory, gut-munchin' cover by Spain Rodriguez, followed by Richard Corben's skintillating, 11-page classic about a beauty, a beast, and lots of bouncin' bare boobies! It's cute, it's creepy, (it's also wonderfully silly), and just like the great Greg Iron's pin-up that graces the back cover of this issue-- it's all most definitely for ADULTS ONLY!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mid Century Jantzen Mannequin (PART TWO)

More photos of my mid century Jantzen mannequin, and unlike the previous post pix of her, these depict her skin tone and overall condition / quality a bit better once I got her out of the harsh brightness of the over exposed, summer sun-lit antique mall parking lot. Here we find her cleaned-up a bit, and still outdoors, but in a more natural, subtly shaded setting (my front porch.) And though you can more clearly see the damage and imperfections brought upon by careless previous ownership and age, the flesh and other random paint colors of her face and hair are much more correct. I particularly love how her eyes are painted, and her perfect profile is to die for! I guess if there's one thing that all of us can take away from these photos, it's that arching Vampira eyebrows should never go out of style. Ever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Mid Century Jantzen Mannequin (PART ONE)

My big find of the month (so far) has been this late 40’s or early 50’s Jantzen store mannequin which appears to be modeled after the masterful mid century swimsuit ad illustrations of Pete Hawley (hit up google for endless examples!) Anyway, she's missing an arm, and is covered in scratches, dents, and worn spots o'plenty, but I still got a mind-boggling steal-of-a-deal on it too, —why, she’s even still tramp-stamped with the original manufacturer name of Wolf & Vine, Inc on her backside. She seems to be made of a very light mix of pressed cardboard layers, and a hard coated plaster exterior. Her hair is wonderfully textured and full of realistic detail. The hair rolls on the back of her head feel like separate, snapped in pieces as well. A big thanks to my main man(equin) expert, Clint, for filling me in on the actual potential value of this blue-haired rarity. I’ll post more pix of it after I get her cleaned up, she’s covered in 65+ years of dust and grime. I seriously can’t wait to start displaying my vintage Halloween costumes on her, though to be honest, I hate the thought of covering up that lovely face with a mask. Also, at the end of this post, I've included an awesome original store window display photo from the 1950's, where you can see my mannequin kneeling next to the tree. More close-ups coming up in the next post...