Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daily-Dilly (June, 1961)

Today we have highlights from a comical, spiral bound, daily "reminder" calendar from Comet Tool and Die Company of St. Louis MO, given to customers in 1961. Not every day has a cartoon entry as featured in today's post, some days are just lumped together and share a saucy text joke, but here are all the hilarious illustrated gags that make up June 1961-- and maybe some of you will recognize a few of the artists too! And since June and July seem to go hand in hand, the next post will feature all the hilarious, super naughty cartoons from July '61 as well!

See ya in a few with the dirty goods ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Calvart Party Encyclopedia '64 (*UPDATED!!!)

Compiled and edited in 1964 by Calvert Distillers Company New York, NY, this complete guide to home entertaining has everything you need to know from drink recipes and party menus, to unusual party ideas and planning. It's also loaded with wonderfully uncredited illustrations by someone with a very appealing style... here are just a few from this nearly 100 page "encyclopedia" of host and hostessing.

UPDATED: Mr. Cavin does it again! Not only did he color some of these images and add textures, but he collaged them together into one big super rad cocktail party-- hurrah!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

I Screamed All Night!

Over the burning, yearning years, you've marveled at some of the more SECRET posts here at AEET (click HERE if you've missed them!) And now, as we enter into a-- oh, WTF ever-- it's time once again to lower our standards for another moaning, groaning, smashing, crashing, super trash-o-drama-rama! This particular issue of Dell's debauchery filled Modern Romances from April 1968 came out just one month before I was born (ain't that nice?), and represents a startlingly reprehensible ensemble of Grade Z quivers and shivers. I always enjoy how the covers of these typically feature a smiling, wholesomely squeaky clean looking beauty... but once you crack this thing open, NOBODY in these stories on the pages inside is smiling about anything, (unless they're getting off, or getting away with murder!) Yes, only a rag like this could paint pictures of babies being more brutal than bikers!

So dust off your granny nightgowns and come along for the ride-- you will of course be sorry that you did!