Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Time! / Fashionland / The Fragile Forest

Sorry for the delay, here are the rest of the highlights from The World of Barbie Magazine Annual from 1964 (see the first part HERE!) featuring fun 'n festive holiday party pix, recipes (mmmm hidden hot dogs!), full color fashion, and that long awaited trip into surreal space that Mr. C has been dying for now for a few weeks! Hope everyone enjoyed this look at 60's Barbie, and believe it or not, I actually still have MORE vintage Barbie stuff to post but I'm thinking I might hold off and do it later this summer-- you'll just have to bookmark AEET and keep checking back!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The World of Barbie '64

The very first issue of "The World of Barbie Annual Magazine" was published by Mattel in 1964 and featured Barbie and her friends in a variety of fun photographic situations of travel, party, fantasy, and fashion... I really love the miniature set design and View Master vibe of these warm, atmospheric images. Today's post features highlights from the Once Upon a Time, When I Grow Up, and the Barbie and Ken Fly Around the World sections. We'll see more from this premiere issue in our next post-- including more excursions into Fashionland, holiday get-togethers, a Barbie recipe or two, PLUS an astro-riffic trip into outer space!