Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friends Who Talk Back, or Walk Back...

Walking and Talking Dolls by Mattel reached a highpoint in 1962, as evidenced by this full page, over-sized magazine advert (carefully edited into sections here for you since the whole thing won't fit on my scanner.) I really like that Chester O'Chimp doll and would give anything to hear him say things in his banana scented brogue! And I'm blown away that they actually made a talking Mr. Ed puppet, I never even knew it existed until now! Ummm, who wants to see shy lil Shrinkin Violet bat her eyes, or hear Tatters the woeful waif pleading to sleep with you? *raises hand

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Uneeda Dolls '77

Highlights from a Uneeda Dolls sales guide from 1977, and aside from the awesome carded Wishniks image and counter display, and some of the other interesting box design / packaging (which looks more like 50's or 60's design than late 70's, see Dolly Tote and Pee Pees for examples) I really like the funny names for some of these dolls:  Baby Yummy, Wispy Walkers, Floppy Toddles, Baby Sweetums, etc... and definitely don't miss Chubby riding her goose sled packaging, Pam in her Pram, Rock-a-Tot, and the lovely illustrations on Connie and Little Pam's boxes too.

Monday, January 28, 2013

EG Dolls '76

We ended the last post with the ROCK 'N ROLL BABY STROLLER, now you just need a baby doll to rock in it! The EG '76 Sales Catalog (Goldberger Doll MFG. Co., Inc.), contains the usual assortment of pudgy cheeked, dimpled, freckly, pouty, dreamy-eyed crib wetters, but also a few interesting things like the Maskerade Magic Doll 'n Mask for boys and girls (I want that mini Frankenstein mask!!), the frightening ventriloquist twists on Bozo the Clown and Raggedy Ann, or the puffy versions of popular hippy comic strip characters from KISSES! etc. And if your doll isn't the stroller type, there's always the cute animal pull-toy carts, or Swing-A-Ling-- man, do I LOVE the packaging on Susan and Her Swing! More dolls (plus the Wishniks!) up next...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coleco New Dimensions '78 (PART TWO)

More highlights from the Coleco "New Dimensions" 1978 sales guide (check the previous post too), and this time we see guns and sports (and The Fonz) typically marketed at the boys, while the girls get hot mini bake ovens (I know someone who is going to poop her panties when she sees these), as well as cutting edge baby strollers. Oh wait, I'm sorry, it's not just any 'ol baby stroller-- it's a ROCK 'N ROLL BABY STROLLER!! Say, who wants to bake a bunch of mini pies with me in the Holly Hobbie oven and then throw them at the creepy face in the Snow White Talking Magic Mirror? (*queues Three Stooges or Benny Hill music)-- better yet, let's just launch them at her with the Mr. Quarterback Football Passer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coleco New Dimensions '78 (PART ONE)

While on the theme of spacey stuff, ie: rockets and UFOs (and science), I thought I'd share a few truly out of this world items from Coleco's "New Dimensions" 1978 sales guide. These were fun sci-fi-esque toys and games for the home, a few featured with a scaled down arcade play style design like mini pinball machines and shooting galleries, others in the more simplistic, electronic, hand-held style typical of the late 70's. I'll have lots more from this guide in the next post too-- and for anyone curious about the TV Block Buster screen captures on some of these pages, apparently 1978 was the biggest budget year for Coleco in promoting their products on television! If you find any of these on youtube somewhere, please put the link in the comments-- thanks!