Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It's been about a year since we delved into the bawdy back-issue barrel of National Lampoon bad taste... last time we saw some hilarious highlights from a great "horror" issue, (check the archive!), and now this time around we're looking at SEX from the July 1977 issue! So once again, if you're easily offended by things like mild nudity, premature ejaculation, muff diving, and Dirty Duck, then you may want to skip the next few posts and come back later this week-- we don't call this blog "and EVERYTHING else too" for nothing! ;) A little bit more from this issue in our next post too!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Look What I Found! #45,691

I recently discovered a nearby auction house that I never knew existed here in Jeffco, and strolling by was pleased to see that they also just sell stuff outright like a regular resale shop, (I suppose saving the bigger / better items for the actual "Auction Night" which the proprietor seemed in the midst of preparing for.) Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye was a set of tall, frosted antique car drinking glasses, that I was told were originally sold at Federal gas stations back in the day, or given away when you filled-up and spent a certain amount of money. I got them ALL for $5. Researching online after arriving home, I discovered I got a pretty good deal on them, but also realized I got a couple of doubles too... still cool none the less. Found a few other little vintage odds and ends (for the cover art and graphics of course!), and also spotted a super cute child's booster chair featuring a sunny example of late 60's / early 70's illustration and color combinations. This I did not buy as my son is now fortunately 11.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Greatest Sale on Earth!

Wow. Who would've ever thought that one of the most entertaining 60's product catalogs I've ever stumbled upon would come from a lumber company! But here it is, Sutherland's "Greatest Sale on Earth" catalog-- or judging by the size and general design of it, it's probably more like a newspaper supplement, maybe. And I guess it's from the 60's, looks 60's anyway... anyway, among the fascinating "must buy" items like dryer vents, auger bits, galvanized fittings, and jambs, comes a dozen plus circus-esque pages of cute photography, terrific typography, and illustrated actors and actresses from the golden era of Hollywood (and beyond) made to look like sensational players in a big top ballyhoo of bonanza style bargains! Do all the extraneous bells and whistles featured here really work on carpenter types and home fixer-uppers? While I am neither, those sexy Cleopatra sandals and garter snappin' illustrations would have certainly had me rolling up the windows, locking the doors, and heading into the urban wilds of the most drug-infested, crime riddled city in the good 'ol USA-- East St. Louis, IL! Man, seriously-- do not get yourself killed over ceiling beams or knobs just to save a buck! Sheesh.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wit & Wisecracks (Mark Twain)

Various wit and wisecracks taken from the brilliant mind and works of Mark Twain, and reprinted in a neat little black and yellow hardcover collection by Harper & Brothers in 1961 for Peter Pauper Press. You've got a real handful of hysterical gems here, and it's all spruced up nicely with some wonderfully funny illustrations by Henry R. Martin, whose "Comic Epitaphs" (HERE) collection is another "must-own" book of graveyard tombstone humor! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fables & Fabulous Yarns

Before we get back into the McCall's '61 catalog (next week) let's keep things on the super stylin' tip and jump forward to 1970 to see what the kids are/were wearing! Thanks to Columbia-Minerva knit fashions for boys and girls, Fables & Fabulous Yarns is everything you'd expect from a title as such, featuring wildly colorful, psychedelic backgrounds, cute (and not-so-cute) models, cute (and-not-so cute) clothing, insanely large stuffed animals, and even an occasionally inappropriate rhyme or two to ensure that everything feel extra swanky 70's. So let's hear it, which itchy styles are in need of a crocheted comeback?

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