Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I Fell in Love With a Witch!"

I just posted a creepy Curt Swan tale (HERE) over at THE HORRORS OF IT ALL, and now we have another one, this time with a weirrrrrd love story angle-- and some really gorgeous artwork-- to tickle your Valentine's fancies! Originally appearing in the landmark December - January 1951 issue of House of Mystery #1, it was incorrectly title-blurbed 2 decades later as "I Married a Witch!" (apologies to Veronica Lake) on the cover of the March - April 1972 issue  of The Unexpected #162 (see last scan below.) Yep, this one's dedicated to all of you who willingly throw yourself onto the piercing point of cupid's arrow! (Those of you dodging arrows this VD may still participate though, we've all been there! --The Management.)

Thursday, February 4, 2016


My latest collection for IDW / Yoe Books, DEVIL TALES is in stores this week (a few weeks earlier than reported too!) Featuring two dozen tales of satanic shenanigans from the 1950's precode comic book era, with art by legendary greats Dick Ayers, Bob Powell, Gene Colan, Lin Streeter, Lou Cameron, Ross Andru, and more! Click HERE to sell your soul by ordering online! And as we've seen over the last month of posts, the tales of demonic evil don't end there as we have an encore presentation of a Harvey classic from the May 1952 issue of Black Cat #35, --and unlike our previous posts, this tale actually is featured in the new DEVIL TALES collection! After you read it, head over to my other blog HERE for another great tale from the book! HAIL!!!