Saturday, March 30, 2019

Studio Design - Part Two: Happy Birthday!

Five more fun selections from my 60's box of Studio Design greeting cards (see the previous post HERE if you missed all the great Get Wells!) And today being my son's 15th birthday, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZANDER!) I thought I'd focus on the beautifully illustrated bday cards from the same set-- highlighted by hilarious cartoon art that clearly could have only come from that particular time era, though the dad joke aspect of the sentiments seems to have never gone old. Also, you definitely haven't lived until you've seen a snake with hair!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Studio Design - Part One: Get Well

I found this great box set of 1960's Studio Design greeting cards last week, and man is it ever overflowing with super funny art, and upliftin' gags, interactive die cuts-- the whole shebang! Well, not quite the "whole" shebang, as the box unfortunately only contains 16 of the 20 cards originally packed inside... so today I'll give you the box lid art and the 5 remaining get well cards, and later this week we'll take a look at the slap-happy birthday selections!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Prince Mascot Pirate (60's, NSK)

I don't know anything about Prince Mascot, (is he a product mascot? cartoon character? help!) --though I did see a number of these NSK figures while hustling around Japan toy stores last year. So then imagine my surprise after walking into an antique mall here in STL MO just last week and finding one IN THE ORIGINAL BOX, and priced super affordably even! Made of felt and styrofoam, a googley eye badly glued on, and two dingle balls a'danglin' from thin beaded chains, it's kind of cheap, yeah, but oh so fun and funny with a wonderful sense of pirate toy kitsch that follows over to the skull 'n crossbones, pirate ship, and shades of blue wave package design. The back o'box blurb translates to: "In your car! In your room! To present of friends! Prince Mascot is your pet!" A little online research and I found another, differently themed "nerd" version of him on Etsy for sale (HERE), which labels him as a novelty car accessory. This explains the suction cup / string hanger on his back, as apparently you're supposed to fix him to an automobile window and then as you drive around he does a little dance. I think I'll keep mine on the card, and tucked away within that beautiful box-- tis be fragile enough as is for a novelty toy that's half a century old-- YARRR!

Does anyone have additional info, or pix of any other Prince Mascot toys? Let me know!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Race Up Molar Mountain

I found this super fun, tooth protection promotional / giveaway comic in a stack of regular old comics a few weeks ago. Produced by Colgate in 1978, the first part of the booklet features a fast paced and very exciting (aka wonderfully illustrated) car race adventure against some dirty old, souped-up, booby trap layin', cavity creeps-- while the last half takes us deep into the dentist office (and your mouth) for even more... umm... fun! The back cover ad has additional mail order items like a Molar Mountain poster, as well as a Colgate cavity prevention kit shaped like a car!

Ladies and gentlemen, hide your candy bars and start your engines-- the race is ON!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

More Donkey Kong!

A few more vintage Donkey Kong related items have happily found their way into my ever expanding DK collection-- a cute little plastic drinking cup dated 1982-- and highlighted by the awesome arcade art of Leslie Carbarga-- as well as another coin bank (see my other DK bank HERE) dated 1981. Seriously, there's so much fun Donkey Kong stuff that I really had no idea ever even existed until recently-- and now I'm on the never ending hunt for more!