Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Tempter

 Okay, one more post for January 2021 --as I noticed there were only 7 posts this month and suddenly, and for no reason what-so-ever, just decided that I hate ending a month on an odd number of posts. Anyway, some of you already saw this exact photo on Facebook last week, but here it is again for everyone else: a roller skatin', Cracker Jack prize lass on her way to sell her silly soul to the Devil for a tantalizing taste of mid century, processed meat temptation at-- The Tempter Sandwich Shop! I googled this KC chain to get some more info, but only found another matchbook (with a slightly different design and color scheme) on eBay for sale, unfortunately. But is that not a great design? And yes, both sides are identical. And I would love to tell you all that this matchbook opened up to reveal a couple rows of hot lil devil shaped matches staring evilly back at me, but alas they are all used up, --and no, there is also nary a contract inside for signing away your eternity to a perfectly Satanic sandwich served piping hot on a pitchfork. Damn it.

Saturday, January 30, 2021


I found some groovy 60's fishnet stockings in their original packaging last week. Love the little see-thru windows, especially on the first image where we actually see the patten on her legs. Both are perfect examples of great design and color, whether showcasing with a cute illustration, or with simple, attractive photography.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Devil Shake '66

 In 1966, Pepsi made a short-lived, milk-based chocolate drink attempt to compete (and even join) with Yoo-Hoo Corp, but due to a whole bunch of reasons (that you can read about HERE) it just wasn't happenin'. Anyway, since I collect cool old soda bottles and kitschy 60's devil stuff, spotting this baby on a shelf really made my day! Unfortunately, it's not in the greatest condition, but still cool as Hell. Literally. And check out the Devil Shake radio jingle HERE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Cap'n Crunch Travel Stickers

 Unearthed some rare 60's Cap'n Crunch cereal prize "Go Places" aka "travel stickers" yesterday. Colorful and fun, --and funny with a groan to the Cap'n's apparent lack of manners! --apparently, finding a complete set of these is near to impossible. Some of the others are (but not limited to): Scotland, Australia, London, Russia, Africa, Spain, Rome, and Siam.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Hunters Become the Hunted

 Occasionally, my son will accompany me on my antique mall hunts, and a few weeks ago he made the big find of the day with a really funny painted ceramic wall plaque of two hunters getting bested by their quarry. It's an old joke we've seen many times in comics, and to be honest it never gets old. Unfortunately, we didn't buy this silly gem, and now the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking I'll be heading back over there to grab it-- and hopefully someone else hasn't beat me to it!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Spell

 I can't forget that some of you still come around these parts lookin' for a spooky old comic book tale to read, so here's a frighteningly fun one from DeCarlo and Lapick, and from the November 1962 issue of Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats #7. You know, as much as I adore Sabrina and her kin, I always loved it when Archie comics would turn on the darkness with just a tad bit more evil edge such as this...

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cracker Jack's Disguise Kit

Time now for the Eye Patch Glasses edition of the super fun, very tiny, disguise kit series of prize booklets from a late 60's Cracker Jacks snack box. Yes, dearest top secret agents, now you can truly go full-blown incognito in 2021 with brand new peepers, and of course with the lower half of your face covered by a Covid mask, not a single soul on Earth will ever recognize you! Assembling this thing sounds fun, with many an end in need of moistening, plus, multiple slot insertions in wait! I also found another teeny Cracker Jacks prize book recently, a jolly lil joke book full of cornball zingers--- COMING SOON!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Scary Bendable

 So, the new year rolled out and I guess I decided I just needed a little break. The disappointing turn of events with Blogger's screwy 2020 update left a very yucky taste in my mouth, only enhanced by the handful of stupid asshole comments (unpublished) that I received on my last few posts. Anyway, two more weeks was long enough to mull over the death of THOIA, and to basically just catch my breath and get some other fun stuff together to show ya's. The image sizing issues are still an annoying problem here at AEET, but I think we can live with it for now. So. Sigh. Finally picking up pretty much right where we left off (see the previous Humanoid costume post), it's apparently still Halloween in January --and time for more tricks 'n terrifyin' treats! And yes, finding an 80's Arkin A-OK Scary Bendable still on the original card is pretty awesome in my book, especially one in as great condition as this. I don't have a clue what this dude is actually supposed to be, some kind of vampire witch red riding hood or something, but his yellow-green suit, bloody fingertips, and nicely designed card --complete with ghost, web, bats, and black cat-- definitely sum up everything we love about monster toys and Halloween. You've probably noticed that cute little white cat wrapped around his legs. I found her somewhere else separately, but, also being a vintage bendy, I thought she'd make a purrfect addition to Mr Scary. Let us forever call her Lil Miss Frisky. I hope everyone's having a great 2021 so far-- stay tombed for lots, lots more!