Saturday, July 12, 2014

Xmas in July, Day 12: Punch Me's

As if the tiny Weebles wobblin' figures aren't cute enough, how about a giant Weebles wobblin' punching bag! And who's gonna be the first to be "afraid" of the clown punching bag? Yeah that's right, I'm still bagging' on you lame brain terror clowniacs! Knock it off --before I punch YOU! (Sears Xmas Wish Book, 1976)


Craftypants Carol said...

awwww! the weeble punching bag is so freaking cute!!!

i'm not afraid of the clown punching bag (although he's def not cute or funny looking either), but i'm really glad there's not a mr. karswell punching bag. eek.

Mr. Karswell said...

Oh god, I would love a Mr K punching bag!!! Even better would be a giant Weebles Haunted House Ghost punchin bag :)

Craftypants Carol said...

fuck yeah!