Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mad Monsters in "Castle Hassle"

It's time to check in with The Mad Monsters and see how things are shakin' courtesy of Mad House Comics #126. (FYI: Since I was out of the country for a huge chunk of October, I'll be continuing into November with some more horror related posts that I had planned but never got around to, unless anyone objects! As usual, it'll be a mix of everything else too that you've come to love about this blog :) Have a fun and frightful Halloween tonight-- stay safe!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ULULA: La Notte Degli Zombi ***ADULTS ONLY!!!***

Occasionally here at AEET things can go from cute and cuddly to downright disgusting and / or erotic on a dime, ("zero to sixty" being just one of my many mottos) and what better way to smash face-first right back into Halloween mode than with an expertly illustrated, early 80's fumetti horror gore / hardcore sex romp from Milano! I don't know much about our new wave haired heroine of this series named Ulula, but what I do know is that she likes to get naked and have lots of sex anywhere she can, and in this 100+ page zombie tale where flesh is not only exposed but devoured, she does! A lot. Unfortunately for you, you won't be seeing much of Ulula in action, because after I edited this down to tell a more basic, VISUAL story (for those of us that can't read the foreign language but like to gawk at cool art), all of Ulula's barest scenes wound up on the cutting room floor-- next to her discarded clothes! But never fear T&A lovers, though we have a more stripped down (hee) excerpt version of La Notte Degli Zombi for you instead, it features a very horny couple who happen to choose the exact wrong haunted cemetery to get naughty-- and this is where the hungry undead invasion begins, but also features a few scenes where it of course all ends as well too. So enjoy this jolting tale of sex and terror, and apologies to anyone who finds this offensive-- AEET is a strong supporter of ALL forms of art, so if you don't like it then PLEASE just change the channel until the next post which may or may not be just as offensive (I'm still deciding) --thank you! --K

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Joppa the Jaguar

We'll take a lil break from the Halloween horrors and visit a Tinkle Time Tale from Dell Publishing Co. I'm not 100% sure when this came out, but according to the back of the book it was printed in Holland and there were 12 titles in this series published in all (see the last scan below.) I'll have another one for you closer to xmas. I sure do love the adorably funny art in these books, man oh man, do I ever...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Operate a Haunted House! (PART THREE)

The final set of frightfully fun room designs and horror illusions from the great How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House book (click links for more info in parts one and parts two!) If these scans influence anyone to actually try this stuff, PLEASE take photos or shoot video and email 'em to me, I'd love to do a side-by-side comparison post some day! As you can see, this book is essential for the truly adventurous horror hound showman, and the book still has TONS to offer on the subject matter within its many other informative chapters not presented here (can't give you the whole book, now can I?) FYI: Ebay has 5 or 6 copies listed right now, and yes it isn't cheap, but it most certainly is worth every penny! So get to work fiends! Start scaring your friends and neighborhood-- to blood curdling death!