Saturday, December 31, 2022

60's Frosty Treat Dixie Cups

It's definitely winter in my neck of the woods, and I'm here to show you what things are sorta like with some similarly fabulous art renderings as featured on this (incomplete) set of 1960's Frosty Treat paper cups from Dixie. Gorgeous girl illustrations are unleashed in a frisky, frollickin', fantasy wonderland of ice skating, skiing, sleigh rides, archery, and horsebackin'! Apparently I'm missing the waving / sleddin' cup but I see there are plenty available online for sale, as well as a similar set of paper ice cream bowls with varying other delightful design schemes. So grab your moon boots, mittens, and scarves, it's time to bundle up and head outside for the cutest snowball fight you've ever encountered! And Happy New Years Eve, too!

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Hot Rod Santa

I guess right about now, Santa is hot roddin' around the Earth and deliverin' many a special gift to all the good little boy and girls. And per the vintage wheeled tree mobile I found recently, I'm guessing the sleigh and reindeer are taking a breather this year while jolly 'ol St. Nick keeps things grounded, and instead puts the pedal to the metal, takin' it to the streets, burnin' rubber, and etc etc. Happy holidays everyone, we'll see you all again next week with more post-present posts and maybe even a few other year end surprises! And apologies about the no follow-up to the Fuller Brush catalog (as mentioned in the previous post), my scanner is unfortunately toast...

Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas Present... A Little Boy's Encounter

Here's a cute little story about a boy and his dog attempting to capture Santa on xmas eve, --and with that ensnaring string formation, is the boy actually using witchcraft?! Haha hoho, this is some perfectly welcome page filler with gorgeous holiday art and from an old Fuller Brush Company catalog. (We'll see more from this catalog in our next post as well.)

Thursday, December 15, 2022

70's Hamburger Radio

From the beautifully delicate, 1920's boudoir dolls, to kitschy / tasty 70's hamburger shaped radios, you know that AEET has it all! And it's time to kick out the juicy jams with this full circuit AM variant (comes in a hot dog shape as well) via one plastic beef patty, slice 'o cheese, tuner, volume, on a sesame seedless bun! Unfortunately, the battery compartment is non-functional so I didn't buy it, but I took a bunch of pix for ya'll anyway-- including the hilarious box illustrations of the boy and girl showing you how to use the radio. Okay, you now need some appropriately themed music to chew on too, so without resorting to the unbearably stale Jimmy Buffet staple, CLICK HERE for the top 25 hamburger songs of all time! I recommend the Gang of Four classic with seasoned fries.

Monday, December 12, 2022

A Boudoir Doll Double Header

Two more exquisite examples of 1920's German boudoir half dolls-- Coco and Eva --just landed in my collection, both sculpted and signed on their lower backs by legendary doll maker, Lilli Baitz. Gorgeously painted composition plaster (or bisque faces?), meticulously styled mohair wigs, and vintage fabric clothing with finely detailed hats comprised of artificial flowers and real bird feathers bring these lovely beauties to life. I'll spare you any further introduction here and just let the photos speak for themselves, as I've posted a few more of these in the past AEET archive.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Girls of Core Driller '61

I recently found a full set of these amazing "Core Driller" newsletters from 1961. Mailed out 6 times a year to employees of the George E. Failing Company, this 4 page fold-out contained the latest in who, what, and where when of everything rotary rig, portable, hole drilling related. Including photos of workmen on the job with their massive drill rigs, chairmen of the board at meetings and drilling exhibits, the latest in state of the art equipment updates, --not to mention lots and lots of funny one panel cartoon gags (which we'll take a look at in our next post.) Of course the real highlight of these newsletters for me, --and probably much to the delight of every mailman on route who got to deliver these gems-- was the attractive models adorning every cover of the newsletter address page. And here they are in all of their gorgeous, long-legged, core drillin' glamour, representing seasons as well as monthly occasions. Clearly a fun company to work for!