Friday, February 27, 2015

Be a Magician

That's me-- the popular man of mystery workin' the magic! Weavin', conjurin', and sawin' shit in half just for you! Yes, more spellbindin' posts on the way in March, just lettin' everyone who comments here at AEET know how much I love ya'll! Back in a few to thrill, chill, and astonish! :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Norcross Blue Book '61

Feeling a temporary need to balance out AEET with a lil more super-scanned cuteness factor this month, we have a handy, pocket-sized, Norcross Blue Book from 1961. Containing a notepad, horoscopes, and plenty of other extra places to jot down your helpful lists and reminders... per the norm of these parts though we will just focus on the delightful artwork that graces the calendar pages instead. Which month is the most adorable? Who totally forgot to take the trash out this morning?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Secrets Double-Shot!

Let's take a look at some lowhighlights (I just made up that word) from two steamy issues of Secrets this time, one from August 1968, and one from a bit earlier in the decade, October 1963. As you will see, not much has changed with our unchaste leading ladies and sinful gents in those yearning 5 years, I mean, story-wise everything seems to have remained just as sleazy and scandalous as ever, but possibly the photography and image lay-outs slowly begin taking more chances, even sort of getting "arty" if you know what I mean. Yes, you know what I mean...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Glamour Guard and Wig Rest

We at AEET appreciate all that you do for your hairdo, and we're here to make sure you keep it HUGE and tidy, especially now that Valentine's Day is over --seriously now, there's no need to get messy or careless with your lovey-dovey locks! Whether it's real hair, (or phony), Glamour Guard will assist in keeping that style and shape you spent 40 cans of Aqua Net on to achieve! And if it's a wig, don't just toss it over a lamp or on the floor after a high flying night on the town, inflatable Wig Rest is here to save your mane!

We'll have TONS more from the Helen Gallagher-Foster House Rhapsody of Gifts 1968-'69 catalog coming up in the following weeks, but first, we've still got plenty of trashy trash to haul out this month!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Standard Facials

If you're out and about on this Valentine's Day and looking for some X's and O's, it's best to look your best and be ready should cupid's magical arrow be cocked and ready to unload in your tempting direction. Excel Beauty College's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology (1967 edition, Chapter 18) has some terrific tips on how to really make that frumpy face o'yours truly light up: eyes, lips, cheeks etc... it's all important from your barn door forehead to your triple chinny-chin-chin! So please, don't leave the house until you've at least followed a few of these basic helpful tips to transfer your mangled mug into a dreamy target of love! (Illustrations by Warren Meek)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Even More Secrets 4

Is everyone enjoying this stuff, or are you starting to feel a little grimy? Regardless, our not-so-secret ceremony of sex continues in this monthlong Feb 2015 free-for-all of hooked-on, hair down, almost engaged, love trouble! Everything here is from the Sept '68 issue of Secrets magazine, --and I'm pretty sure that's super cute Cheryl Tiegs on the cover too!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Even More Secrets 3

Continuing on our downward spiral along the paths of dirty secrets, (the September 1966 issue of Secrets to be exact), are you too young, too dumb, and too stacked to learn a lesson or two from these sorry tales of sex fueled sorrow and pain? Time to confess...