Friday, June 28, 2019

June Flea Finds

I found some fun stuff at a flea market in DeSoto, MO this week: a Johnny Hart B.C. bowl (now I need the rest of the set!), some groovy 60's cake toppers, and a couple of McDonald's Fast Mac cars (got a Birdie the Breakfast Bird too!) All from one seller, already reasonably priced yet he was still having a 40% off everything sale so I got everything here for about $5.00 --you definitely can't beat that with a prehistoric caveman club!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Good-bye Cruel World

A ceramic toilet with a catchy little poem, and a startling surprise inside when you lift the wooden lid! For when you're really feeling down in the dumps and need some cheering up-- or cheering dowwwwwn. Which ever way you're going, remember to put the seat down.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Reckless Drivers Permit

I found one of these funny 1957 Cooper Postcards the other day... it's not really a postcard but more like an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, similar to a certificate. I found a few others in the series as well, but this one is the funniest to me, especially with that fantastic illustration.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pac Man Fever

Halloween is still 133 days away, but that's not stopping me from planning out my costume, as well as my awesome All Hallows Eve moves ahead of time, cuz man oh man, I'm seriously ready to wokka wokka wokkaround all night, avoid the ghosts, and eat... those... power... pills. Okay, sorry about that. I seem to have come down with a summer fever-- Pac Man Fever, that is! Yeah, look what I found for $5 today: A Ben Cooper Pac Man costume from 1980. No kiddin'! The box ain't the greatest, but it's all here-- the mask, the frock, and both those things are in very good condition too. Yep, my retro video game collection (of related items) definitely just got a little bit cooler.

PS: No it doesn't fit, and yes, I tried...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Spectral Ranger Zombienaut

He traveled into space on a mission. And now, due to an unfortunate, accidental encounter with an alien virus (that also shattered his helmet!), he's returned to Earth as a transparent, undead, cosmic mutated monstrosity! I'm not sure if that's really what happened to him, but that's the story I'm going with. This incredible action figure of high quality, cold cast resin, is beautifully detailed with glitter, dyes, and pigments and stands nearly 4" tall, with 5 points of articulation. It's seriously hard to find the best pose and position to backlight him when taking pix because it looks so freakin' bad ass from every angle! 

Handmade by Chris Baird from San Diego, CA, and clearly inspired by the classic Fischer Price Adventure People Firestar I Astronaut, you can find more of these figures (amongst other things) in various states of creepy colors and doomed decomposition by visiting his super StraifSeven etsy store -- just CLICK HERE!  As an added bonus, the figure comes bagged with a hand drawn header card stapled to the top too. I have no idea what any of it actually says, but that only adds to the otherworldly charm and alien awesomeness of this spectacular customized piece.

And thanks again to The Slaylien for this mind blowing Father's Day present!<3 nbsp="" p="">

Friday, June 14, 2019


Man, back in the day I loved Showbiz Pizza Place! Great food, great arcade-- and the animatronic entertainment was pretty rockin' 'n rollin' too. So after finding this magnificent Mitzi glass mug the other day at an antique mall, I'm now on a hunt for any Showbiz Pizza Place related merchandise. Does anyone have a Billy Bob bear glass mug they're willing to part with, possibly in trade for some of my books or comics-- you know, before I descend into the madness of eBay? Comment with your email address if you have something at all, and I'll get back to ya! Thank you :)

Friday, June 7, 2019

Posner 'n Pepper

Here's a fun 'n sexy little digest sized book I recently picked up, full of cute art variety and juicy jokes that range from funny to sexist, to tasteless to racist, and right back down to everything you'd pretty much come to expect from the boopy doopin' 1940's. All gags here are written by Posner with illustrations by Murray, Walsh, Cherry, and Metcalfe.

From the Spring 1948 issue of Pepper #2.

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Cautious Amorist

Very cute, and very Arno-esque artwork by Whitney Darrow Jr. highlights this famously frisky tale of a lovely young lass who finds herself stranded on a desert isle with 3 men! Written by Norman Lindsay, and first published in the early 1930's (with this being the 5th print from 1955), the incredibly beautiful front and back cover, and 3 very funny interior images make this book a highly welcome edition to my Bantam Book collection. A bit more fun trivia: the story was later retitled and adapted into the 1953 UK film classic, Our Girl Friday, directed by Noel Langley, and starred juicy Joan Collins in the lead role as sexy Sadie. (Thank you, Mr. C!)