Monday, December 31, 2012

Cues for Cruising

Wow, 21 posts this month! That's more than TWICE what I normally feature here in a single month, but being the holidays and all, I thought I'd give generously-- and I hope everyone has enjoyed all of this stuff. Speaking of the holidays, I have a few friends who do the smart thing this time of year: they avoid their annoying relatives and the cold weather, and they take a cruise! And if it was the late 50's and you had this expertly designed / illustrated Cunard Line Cues for Cruising booklet in hand, then you would certainly be doing it up right. What to wear, what to pack, where to shop, but most importantly-- HOW TO HAVE FUN! Maybe next year I'll say "bon voyage" to all the xmas trappings and jump ship too...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wallestein (ADULTS ONLY)

It's all fun and games around here until Karswell unleashes the foreign fumetti! Yes, in a shocking twist this week, I've posted a kid friendly gorilla comic story over at The Horrors of it All (click HERE), and an ultra violent, blood and boobs monster show instead right here at AEET! WTF is going on??!! See, Wallestein is some kind of modern day Euro-Frankensteinish hero / anti-hero, one who finally shows up on the scene like, say Ultraman (at the last possible second) to finally save the day with his pummeling fists and powerful, scary looks. You can find out more about him and other wonderfully offensive erotic fumetti tales at the always awesome Groovy Age of Horror site HERE. But in the meantime, grab yourself a banana and gasp in titillating terror with select page highlights from Sotterraneo Dei Delitti, where we find a vicious rape ape seeking out stunningly illustrated lasses to satisfy a mad man's insatiably naughty lust. It's actually pretty easy to follow even if you can't read it, so don't worry! (Please note that this post is RATED R and is for us awful ADULTS ONLY!!!)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Crazy Faces

Earlier this month I posted the vintage Dandy Candy card game set (there's a few more vintage card games in the AEET archive too if you look around a little), and here's another one with super fun, colorful illustrations, released by E. E. Fairchild Corp, Rochester, N.Y. sometime in the 50's or 60's. I really love the indian and the drunken clown, but nothing beats that wacky witch and her awesome shrieking cat! I also included directions for the 4 separate games at the very bottom. GO CRAZY!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knox Salad Book

After inhaling nothing but homemade holiday pies, cookies and candy like a total asshole for the last few weeks (in preparation for my Santa Claus "bowl full of jelly" routine), it's now time to ease-up on the reins' dear (get it?) and start eating a little more healthy and sensibly-- and in 1958, Knox Gelatine Company (Johnstown, NY) had the perfect solution with this great little publication simply titled SALAD BOOK. Lots of tempt tasting recipes and cute girl illustrations, basic steps, helpful hints-- plus menus, dressings, garnishes, and more! Gorgeous design satisfies my other gnawing hunger!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Treasury of Xmas Ideas (excerpt)

When is the perfect time to give fabulous FREE info on how to make your Christmas even better? Why, in the final hours of Christmas Day of course! Oh well... maybe you can use this stuff next year, or if you're like me, maybe you just like the design or the pictures and illustrations in this 30+ page booklet published by Iowa Southern Utilities Company in 1969. It's seriously full of super neat holiday recipes, fun things to make, decorating ideas, and gift guides (just like it says on the cover), but oh dear it's been a long day and I'm pooped and already ready for bed already, so here are just a few of my favorite pages for now-- maybe I'll post the rest of the book next xmas if someone screams loud enough!