Thursday, January 6, 2022

Zipper Glide Meets Lady Sunbeam

A post for the ladies today, with two examples of simple, attractive packaging. And whether it be a cute illustration, or a nice 'n subtle photo and font combo, you have to admit that these types of design choices could only come from a particular time era, post 50's, and most definitely pre-80's. So stating the obvious, I absolutely adore that blue eye shadowed, cinnamon bun haired fashion mannequin illo on the Ardee backing card. And the more you zoom in on her image, the more things take on a slightly sinister, voodoo doll vibe, --but hey, at least your zipper glides smoother now! The Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver box is also a fine example of elegant charm. Photography with an easy read, airy clean package design, while at the same time begging the question, ladies: "How many of you shave your legs fully clothed, and with your shoes on even?" The electric shaver itself is also a stunning example of delicate, feminine design.


Craftypants Carol said...

Dudes can use the zipper glide too!

But yeah that illustration is pretty freaky

Brian Barnes said...

With the zipper glide, I think its a combination of the blue shade making it look like there are huge eyes, and below the bright red checkbones that make it look ... strange.

I don't remember dress mannequins using giant 2 foot needles, though, that certain doesn't help!

I love the work on that razor, as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen one. The extra plastic over the silver design is a nice addition, as well as being very 70s, as is the model.

Mr. Cavin said...

Thanks. I'll definitely be using zipper glide on my rubber from now on out.

I'd like the electronics here better if the cord matched the shaver. I mean sheesh. The machine is peach, just like the bedroom walls of my second high school girlfriend (1989); but that cord is totally pink, just like the bedroom walls of my first high school girlfriend (1987). Mixing those up just invites disaster!