Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Texas Purties

Do people in Texas really use gold plated hunks of barbed wire for swizzle sticks in their drinks? I'm sure it's absolutely true, and I'm not even gonna to look it up on them 'ol inner nets. Reason I'm askin', I saw these while out antiquin' the other day and thought it was interestin' enough to snap some pix of, but not actually interestin' enough to buy (mainly because I don't drink.) Plus, I actually kind of think the 70's packaging is more interestin' than the overall concept, bein’s all sides of the tube, as well as the little doubled sided paper insert. Now ain't that inner'estin'! So yeah, go ahead, stick a little bit of Texas in your next drink (Texas Purties that is!) --and lo and behold, one antique mall booth over I even found the perfect drankin' glasses to use too! (see end of post)


Mr. Cavin said...

Purty weird is what. I love the packaging too, but how many people do you think keeled over stone dead after the alcohol in their drinks ate the toxic golden plating right off the side of those barbed wire pieces? Probably not many, but still. I'm sure it tasted totally gross.

But that would make a great storage tube for bucatini!

Brian Barnes said...

The can is great. The contents are deadly. Sort of a metaphor, eh?

Love the glasses, I assume they are disappearing clothes glasses, just either worn out or not very good in the first place? Very cute. The artist did a good job of capturing that flirty smile.

Mr. Karswell said...

>that would make a great storage tube for bucatini!

Or mouthfuls of various colored sugar-- yep, prepare to choke to death on the girthiest Pixie Stick ever!

>just either worn out or not very good in the first place?

Nope, they're in great condition... in an arousing array of art imitating real life, what you're seeing is the part of their clothing that disappears when they get wet. Annnnd this post is now officially X-rated!

Thanks for the comments, Friday Frights is already up next --and it's a double! Stay tombed...

Guy Callaway said...

Not quite the same thing, but....
If you remember the'70's boom in l-o-n-g fireplace matches? they came in a very distinct rectangular tube.
According to the lady herself, Uschi Digard adorned some packaging.