Sunday, January 30, 2022

Pal and Friends Bubble Gum Comics

Leaf brand PAL Bubble Gum was from the 50's / 60's, and like the more popularly well-known Bazooka Bubble Gum, this was a single piece of 1¢ penny chewing gum bundled up snug as a bug in a wax wrapper with comics and fortunes and other random premium type offers and mail-aways. Likely available at dime stores, and most definitely in vending machines (hence the card below), PAL is the cute, beanie hat wearin' boy mascot and star of the comics, but he also had a feisty little female accomplice named PAT who made some adorably funny comic appearances as well. I found 3 different PAT joke wrappers recently, and of course while researching them, the one and only other one that I even see online was posted years ago by Dan Goodsell, (it's unfortunately one that I also have, but I still included it below anyway.) If you know anything else at all about this gum, please leave a comment-- thank you!


Guy Callaway said...

'For Valuable Premiums, Save This Comic'

Have you followed this up? I would! :)

Brian Barnes said...

My favorite of the old style visual comic gags is the "flipped upside down in shock", as seen in the first cartoon. Always entertaining.

I have never seen, nor heard of this gum.

I like the use of the limited color, it really pops.

Mr. Cavin said...

This is a (k)new one one me, too. I can't wait to see more. These three-color wax paper print jobs are always really compelling to me, and the clean design here feels better suited to the size and look than the usually way busier Bazooka Joe comics.

Favorite panel: "Say, Mummy!"

Mr. Cavin said...

PS, I see your uploaded images have gone back to displaying the way they used to before Google changes tings. Been doing it since Thursday. I only noticed today because I'm gonna steal these images.

Craftypants Carol said...

Omg I love the first panel in the second comic with the TV! That is so incredible cute!

Mr. Karswell said...

I have indeed saved this comic, as well as a giant pile of similar Fleer Funnies which I'll be posting a little later in February. Right now though I'm assembling some heartfelt Valentine posts and horrifying haunted love style comic stories --stayed tombed for that stuff.

But up next: another sexy straw hat supplemental!