Tuesday, January 25, 2022


While I am of course very familiar with the number of The Beast as mentioned in the magical Book of Revelation (see also many a heavy metal song and horror movie), I was not at all privy to the wondrous medicinal magic provided by the same name, Florida based Monticello Drug Company brand, --that is, until I stumbled upon this beautiful old 666 paper advertising fan from the 1930's a few weeks ago. Sounds odd now, but for more than a century, 666 liquids, salves, tablets, nose drops, cough syrups etc., were made for those seeking special need of remedy and relief, and minus actual dark divine intervention. Apparently they're still in business today too, though as a much smaller run company with a lesser number of product variety. Learn more on the very interesting story about how this unique name even came to be, just CLICK HERE! 


Brian Barnes said...

I love the soft, pastel approach on this. Especially in the bushes at the bottom. That said, it does do one thing that always bugs me when depicting Greek or Roman gods -- always showing them by Greek or Roman ruins, which wouldn't have been ruins back then. Also, they wouldn't have been white; that's just how we see them, they were all painted in bright colors.

That dog really wants to run after something, doesn't it?

Mr. Cavin said...

Nothing beats sharing the joys of the chase with beautiful nymphs in some sacred grove. Whew. That fan is sure makin' it hot and steamy in here. Ironically.

Doc Briar said...

Beautiful Thirties illustration. The crescent moon hair ornament and cloud-like cloak are great details. Dig the contrast of Diana's placid expression and her hound's eagerness.
How did the fan last in such good shape?

Mr. Karswell said...

>ruins, which wouldn't have been ruins back then

You have pretty good eye sight if you can tell whether those are actual ruins or not way back there!

>That fan is sure makin' it hot and steamy in here. Ironically.

The irony of fanning your tongue with a 666 fan after adding too much hot sauce on your gyro!

>How did the fan last in such good shape?

the previous owner must've been a real fan of the fan!

Got something else FANtastic coming up next-- stay groomed!