Sunday, December 12, 2021

New! Alice Hair Wig

"Alice" was apparently a severed head that came on a groovy backing card with an assortment of different colored wigs, a comb, brush, and a couple of pointless barrettes. And with "all kinds of ways to change her hair-do's" (really?) this was no doubt the top of the line gift of that year (sometime in the 60's, I'm guessing.) Her lovely mushroom head-- which makes her look like a helmeted military man in drag-- can only grimace as you somehow manipulate these wigs into styles pictured in the cutely painted illustrations at the top of the card. We at AEET were also curious to see how these way-out wigs would appear on more familiar faces, in particular, some of your favorite TV stars of the 70's like: The Bionic Woman, Marie Osmond, Cher, and pretty much anyone else that would agree to join in! So take a look below and see who wore it best! I think you all know who my absolute favorite is! New Alice Hair Wig-- makes the perfect xmas gift!


Doc Briar said...

Fun fact: Few people knew that Sonny had a sentient cowlick that warned him of danger. In this rare photograph it's shouting "Look out! You're about to ski into a tree!"

Craftypants Carol said...

Those are prob the crappiest doll wigs I’ve ever seen

I think the blonde wig set ms off The Creatures emerald skin tone very nicely!

Mr. Cavin said...

I heartily LOLed when I got to Marie. That two-toned skunk mullet makes her look like a professional wrestler. I was also pretty delighted with Mork, who looks like the worst possible Baldwin brother.

JMR777 said...

The Alice hair styling set looks like the type of toy you would find in a dollar store nowadays, a toy where the manufacturer had no idea what girls wanted.

The wigs look like troll doll hair that ran amok!

Golden haired Creature is the best of the bunch, maybe he wanted to find out of blondes do have more fun.

Brian Barnes said...

What the hell did Marie ever do to you! FOR SHAME! My 10 year old self, who had a super consuming crush on Marie Osmond, is going to travel through time to make you pay!

Oh wait I still have a crush on Marie Osmond! No time travel required!

Mr. Karswell said...

If anyone wants to see more things wearing these shitty wigs, let me know and I'll work up another post... and fyi, yes, The Iron Giant actually looks pretty cute as a blonde.

Thanks for the comments!