Friday, December 3, 2021

Aurora '64 Godzilla vs. Megalon

Well here he is, my Godzilla Aurora '64 kit. He definitely needs some lovin' seeing how poorly he was glued together, plus the uninspired paint job leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know who owned this before I got my hands on it, but you have to admit that he's still quite the spectacle. I mean, he's sloppy, sure, but can you not hear that iconic kaiju roar as he stomps the life right out of that crumbling city scape below, his glow in the dark spines lighting up the sky as he demands a better manicure and pedi! I will do my best to make him look a bit more presentable in the coming year, and will of course post pix when this task hath reached completion. And oh yeah, it's Friday Frights time again already so let's round out this gigantic post with the fearsome four-page Godzilla vs. Megalon theatrical movie promo comic from 1976. This was probably the first Godzilla film I remember actually seeing in the theatre when I was 8, and like most kids my age, I became completely obsessed with Jet Jaguar (aka "Robotman") for many years to follow.


Brian Barnes said...

I love how Godzilla just outright chomps down on Megalon's head and the look of extreme panic on Megalon's face! It makes me chuckle.

Like you, I loved the big G as a kid. I remember getting magazines that had photos of Godzilla movies, cutting them up and pasting them into a notebook. Think I saw most of them through Sven's show or just regular TV viewing.

Did the Godzilla model come with green plastic? If so, it looks less like a paint job and more like a nice, relaxing nail job!

Mr. Cavin said...

Something about Borodon reminds me of Robert Blake's stuff, especially in the panels where he and Godzilla are slugging it out in the distance. It's not a mash-up I'd have predicted, but it's one I really yearn for now.

Man, I'd love to see the world's best Aurora model painter really go to town on that stomped-up city base. There's so much opportunity to dazzle at a maddening scale.

Doc Briar said...

I like the model's inaccurate colors, but I'm still looking forward to your overhaul.

Our smalltown theatre, the Rialto, didn't give out promos. We were lucky if they didn't run out of popcorn.

Mr. Karswell said...

>Did the Godzilla model come with green plastic?

Yep! Well, this edition did. Others I believe came in different colors.

>I'd love to see the world's best Aurora model painter really go to town on that stomped-up city base.

Me too! I might know a guy actually... oh yeah, yes I do definitely. He's working on my Aurora Wolf Man right now, in fact... more on that coming soon!

>We were lucky if they didn't run out of popcorn.

Haha, I was lucky to just get to see something I actually wanted to see at theatre when I was a kid.

Christopher said...

The half hearted assembly and paint job (the plastic flashing was left on) makes me think Godzilla was meant for other purposes than as a proud display model. Perhaps he was going to get an M-80 cigar shoved in his mouth and blown up. We kids in the 60's and early 70's were big on doing that. Cleveland Ohio's The Ghoul (Ron Sweed) would do that on every show.

Mr. Karswell said...

The only models I blew up in the 70's were cars and planes... it was usually because the monster kits were the ones responsible for the destruction, haha