Friday, December 31, 2021

AEET's New Year's Eve Bash!

Well, we made it through another year, somehow. And if the pandemic didn't git ya-- and if you've been following the oh-so very simple, scientifically proven rules for the last few years to do your part, (seriously, this should NOT be this hard, people OMG), then you are absolutely invited to the AEET New Years Eve Bash of 2021-'22 todaytonight! Yes, Mr. Karswell has for you quite literally THE hottest ticket in town as we take a look at an eruptingly funny recreation of Pompeii's final festive blow-out, presented in a very wild, updated party theme format, courtesy of the April 1957 issue of From Here to Insanity V3#1. This one also has some very amazing art work from good 'ol reliable, Bob McCartney, --he created that crazy cool cover design as well! And if that isn't enough, I've also included some fun party game ideas from the same great, goofball issue. So come on, liven up that shindig with some va-va-va-voom violence! And of course it's Friday, so that also means it's time for some frightening fun... first up, we travel back to the 60's for a familiarly doomed New Years Eve excursion into the eerie realm of the supernatural, via the June 1966 issue of Ghost Stories #14. Hope everyone made it through the year without too much drama or tragedy, and here's a hopeful toast for a more normal 365 days in 2022! Salute!


Craftypants Carol said...

Happy New Year, Karswell! Have fun yukking it up tonight!

Brian Barnes said...

Without the signature I'd think that was a Bill Ward job, right down to the shapes, how the cloth is drawn, and of course the high heels. But probably not enough high heels, being the key :)

Don't tell me what I cannot and must not believe, cover, I'll decide for myself!

Another of the resurrection Mary type ghost stories that always ends up at the grave, though, I have to say, for a ghost story, our "hero" deserved some kind of unearthly punishment for putting 3 people at risk with his drunk driving. He seemed to have gotten off pretty light!

Happy New Year Karswell and readers!

JMR777 said...

Happy New Year Karswell, and to all readers of 'And Everything else Too'

Doc Briar said...

"The Stranger" is even stranger when one realizes Josh Barr is driving an auto that wasn't in production until two years after he died!
Another strange tale you cannot..must not believe!!

Wishing all the best to Karswell & the habitues of this, the greatest blog in this dimension.
Happy New Year!

Mr. Cavin said...

I swear Ward invented McCartney just so he could fool around with Davis' style a little. I mean, why the heck not? Davis' style looks fun as hell to do, if you can manage it. And Bill was pretty much capable of doing anything.

I love the really fine hatching in the sixties story. And all that rockin car art, too. I don't know who Frank Springer is, but he must be an auto enthusiast--he looks like he had a field day drawing all that metal.

Mr. Cavin said...

PS, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 everybody! Good effin' luck to each and every one of you!

Mr. Karswell said...

>the greatest blog in this dimension

That is mighty awesome of you to say, Doc! Thank you kindly for all of the holiday wishes-- and happy new years to everyone! Just wait until you see what I have cooked up for you guys in 2022! :)