Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Broom Closet

Does anyone else get Halloween cards for Xmas? I do. And this super nice, double fold-out, spring-loaded, pop-up witch is one of the cooler Hallmark Contemporary Cards I've unearthed recently, made even better by the top notch artistry from one of my all-time card designin' favorites, Lou Marak. I mean, seriously, the witch is brilliant, but look at that wonderful hand lettering. And are those not the best drawn doorknobs you've ever seen in your life? And let's take a closer look at that batty bat! It's funny too, as I've recently been contacted by a childhood family friend of Lou's, and while tearing apart my collection at home looking for other examples of his stuff for them, (without much luck), I instead find one at an antique mall! So once again, happy holidays everyone-- and that includes Halloween too!


Mr. Cavin said...

That's superb. The color job on he witch's face--both the color design and the printing--is top notch. I love it when Hallmark goes all out on the details. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Brian Barnes said...

That's gorgeous!

I like how the witch is designed to pop by making her jet black (with a colored face) and everything else around her white, and there is really a lot of movement in her, from the grip of her broom to the angle of her flight.

Wonderful job!