Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Brass Knuckles

Howz'about some hilarious Halloween fun from the October 1947 issue of Big Shot #82?  Nothing seems to scare unflinchable Uncle Brass, but that doesn't mean the spooky spooks can't give it the 'ol college try! I particularly love the design of Horrible Horace, Bloody Boris, and especially gorgeously Gruesome Gertie --that's just good old fashioned cartooning. And we'll round out the post with an appropriate Frank Beck one-pager from the same issue, because Halloween actually is on a Sunday this year, ain't it?


Brian Barnes said...

So Brass immediately starts dancing with Gruesome Gertie (a real catch if you ask me) and doesn't notice she has HOOVES! That boy does NOT scare easy!

I like the rotund ghosts and the escalating collection of ghouls, that's cartooning 101 right there.

Why does Horace have shoe covers but no shoes?

The art on "All in a lifetime" is excellent, but strangely hard to follow (it's hard to notice the old man in the car.). Beautiful to look at, though.

top_cat_james said...

A "Big Shot" at copyright infringement, at any rate. Check out that goofy Dagwood Bumstead doppelganger in the first story, then the superlative knockoff of J.R. Williams' "Out Our Way" comic panel in the second.

Mr. Karswell said...

>that's cartooning 101 right there.

Yep, love it.

> "Big Shot" at copyright infringement

Hmmm, as a fan of Blondie I'm not really seeing it, but you could be right, I mean, everyone copied what other publishers were doing, especially if they were doing something popular and profitable. Same could be said for the Frank Beck story.

Thanks for the comments